Saratoga Springs, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center
August 3, 2003
From: Rachel

I just got home from the show and wanted to take a moment to share! I brought a huge sign that said "Goo Love" on it and I also outlined "Goo" in glow necklaces so the guys could see me, b/c i wasn't close. Johnny saw me and waved, or made some sort of gesture. Wooo! I got yelled at my security numerous times for holding my sign up and going down closer to take pictures. Jerks! It was all worth it though. The guys did the same set list they've been doing for all the BJ show. I didn't bother to write it down. You all know it by now. Johnny seemed to be feeling just fine! He didn't tell any stories or anything, just commented on how incredibly HOT it was! Robby was a ball of burnin' love as were Greg, Mike and Jason. I think our guys put on a better show than BJ (but maybe thats because I love them so much!)! I met up with Susan (AGirlNamedSue) again at the show who is so fabulous. And Peanut also approached me after the Goo set, asking if I was from WOG! How did she know? Maybe b/c I was the only crazy one in my section jumping up and down during the set. It was a pleasure to meet you, peanut! I hope all of the attendees had a GOOOOreat time! I know I sure did. I look forward to hearing reviews from Sue and Peanut! I'll scan and post my pictures once they're developed. What a night! Sympathy touched me tonight, for some reason or another. I really appreciated the beauty of that song as they were playing it. The thing I appreciated most, however, was the HUGE applause the guys got at the end of the set, right before they finished Iris. You know how they kinda stop...right before John goes into the last "and I dont want the world to see me..." He had to pause for a bit so everyone would quiet down. It was fantastic to hear the loud cheers! Lots and Lots of Goo love tonight!!! Rachel (LosersDayParade)