Saratoga Springs, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center
August 3, 2003
From: Susan

I feel like I need to start off by thanking the guys. They did so much for me and their fans last night! They played song after the other...they played pure, raw emotional energy. So, THANK YOU! Now, I knew my fourth row pit tickets were going to be great...but, fourth row at Saratoga was actually second row...which turned out to be FRONT ROW CENTER! I was right at John's feet being rained on by his sweat. AMAZING! I had to take the zoom off my camera...they were that close! I knew it was going to be a great show when I was strolling down the Main Street at Saratoga (which is named Broadway) and Rachel (LosersDayParade) drives by and yells out my name...While we didn't sit together (Peanut was there...)I saw you dancing and jumping and the sign looked great...I'm sure they saw it, too! The venue itself was perfect...I don't think there was a bad seat in the house. I met Carol (from Ragdolls) for the first time and it felt like I've known here forever. She has a great review...and a great ticket story. Basically, she went to the venue with no tickets and scored fourth row pit tickets at 3pm...Imagine that? So, of course, since there were empty pit seats, Carol and I got to hang together. We felt like we had our very own, private concert (move over VH1 private Goos/Donnas concert...we DID it already!). It was like there was no one else around us...just me, Carol and our friends, The Goo Goo Dolls! I know we had to have gotten some incredible pictures...of which I will proudly display! I decided to treat Sharon (ILovethegagagirls) to three phone calls...since I was sad she wasn't there! And, three times is a charm...John, mid-song looked at me and said "Get off the phone!" That was a great moment. What I really wanted him to do was take my phone and chat with Sharon... Yes, the purple guitar was amazing...but, I think I've found a new love...the ORANGE one! So, yes the night was unforgettable...John wore his bandanna...we got to see his face and his expressions were priceless! Robby, of course was so animated and my Goo virgin friend was afraid he was going to rock his head off! Tucked Away was perfect! A little JBJ note...they were real sweaty, too...JBJ had a sweat mark on his butt that kept growing.... And, while JBJ will get down and touch his fan's hands, he doesn't seem to look at them...while John and Robby REALLY connect with their fans through their eye contact! I'm counting the days to Darien and Syracuse.... Susan aka AGirlNamedSue