Saratoga Springs, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center
August 3, 2003
From: maryberrie24

I got there around 5:30, only to find out the gates didn't open until 6:30. At first I was disappointed, but then I realized that the music I was hearing through the speakers wasn't just background music...IT WAS SOUNDCHECK!!! So I heard John play the beginning of Slide, and then they all played the end of All Eyes On Me, and then I heard John say"C'mon gentlemen" and then they played ALL of Broadway. I don't remember the order of the other songs but the played the beginnings of Big Machine Sympathy, and Dizzy. It was like two concerts in one So at that point it was like 6:27 and they were still playing, so I started thinking to myself "maybe if I run in fast enough I can still see them!" So I got in at 6:30 and apparently I wasn't quick enough b/c they were gone. But I was still the first person at the merchandise stand. Go me I was up on the balcony in section 30, which wasn't that bad because I got a nice bird's eye view of Robby's side of the stage. As soon as the guys came on, these three wacko girls come up to the seats next to me, and as soon as they see John they start running all over the balcony screaming At least they didn't stay next to me! They played(not necessarily in this order): Dizzy, Slide, Big Machine, Smash. Tucked Away, Name, All Eyes On Me, Here Is Gone, What A Scene, Broadway, Sympathy and Iris. (I don't think they did Black Balloon like they did in March....anyone else remember?) A few songs in John stopped to say "It's so fuckin' hot out here!" and then went on to say how that should be obvious but he's saying it anyways...I couldn't hear all that well...especially with those girls next to me. I think Robby made a comment once like he was asking if anyone was from Buffalo. I don't remember any cell phone thing tho The guys sounded great, but like everyone else said they didn't tell any stories, they just played and talked a little. They started at 7:30 and went to exactly 8:15. They did change the end of Iris, and got much applause right before the end. So that's pretty much my review...sorry it's so long...I just have too much to say! I'll post my pics when I get them developed.