Saratoga Springs, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center
August 3, 2003
From: peanut

Hey everybody. The show was fantastic, to short of course. LosersDayParade, I knew it was you because of the sign, and yesterday before the show I was looking through some posts and saw how you were in section 11 and were making the sign. I thought it was to late to post that I would be there too, so I just looked for you. It was so cool when John acknowledged your sign. It looked like he saluted. In the middle of the song, I forget which one, I heard John say something about a phone, so that must have been when he was talking to Sue. I saw a girl there that I used to work with and she got 2nd row seats at the will call window, just yesterday. When I saw them in March I went to the will call window and I got 2nd row seats. From now on it's will call all the way for me. The crowd had a fantastic response for the guys. They mentioned how this was their first time in Saratoga and they hope they would be able to come back. I hope so too. I need more than just 1 hour of Goo. We left just after Bon Jovi started, to go into downtown Saratoga to hang out and there were many others who were leaving and they said it was because they were only there for Goo. Johns voice was fantastic last night and Robby sang 2 songs. The few Jovi fans behind me remarked how they were glad they came early because they really liked the Dolls. Yea!!! I can't even post a set list. I can't believe how I can't think, must be the heat. I know they sang Big Machine, What a Scene, Iris, Sympathy, Here is Gone, and Slide.