From: Karen Barnish

Galaxy Theater
October 22, 1998
Santa Ana, CA

good morning...what a show!! (of course)

i tried in vain to remember the set list, but i lost track...but i can
tell you the songs they played...they started with dizzy and ended the
encore with hate this place and in between they played

long way down
burnin' up
lazy eye
black balloon
fallin' down
broadway (which johnny forgot the words and it was funny, he was able to
laugh at himself...but no one even cared anyway, they were havin' too
good a time!)
all eyes on me
name (johnny invited a girl to come on stage to sing, saying she could
probably sing better than he was way too seemed as
if she had been singing on stage her whole life!!)
lucky star
flat top
another second time around
i could stop the world
january friend
full forever
2 days in february (just johnny and robby on stage)

overall, i think the show went very was sold out and the crowd
was an impressive mix of ages, youndg and old...they guys really seemed
to be having fun. nathan was incredible...a great addition to the show
as was the keyboardist. the set consisted very simply of two giant
candle stick holders that held gian pillar candles....for mood lighting,
of course...and then a nice array of lighting effects...simple, but
effective!! johnny had on sweet crushed-velvet pants and a white tank
top...he looked great. robby had on pin-striped pants and a black shoes, as expected, but he did wear socks...mike was
great...he's a quiet presence as a person...but his drums let you know
he's there with a vengeance!! if there were any people in the audience
looking for 2 hours of iris, they were definitely in for a
surprise...they rocked non-stop from start to finish...proving once
again, that their live show will forever be an EVENT...reaffirming my
belief that they are one of the great live bands of our
time...entertaining from start to finish!

if you have any other questions, let me know...oh yeah, antheneaum was
pretty rockin', too...they are signed to find out more
about them check out