From: Annika

Galaxy Theater
October 22, 1998
Santa Ana, CA

Wow, I can't tell you how awesome it was....It was my first GGD concert after being a fan for 4 years. I got there around 7...and since it was general admission, I was expecting horrible seats or standing place. So...we walk in there, and about 90% of the people had made dinner reservations, but we didn't want to, and because of them eating dinner....the dance floor was EMPTY! Completely EMPTY! (Well, there were 3 girls standing there) Diana (my best friend) and I ran to the front and that became our spot =) Right in the front! The opening band, Atheneum or somethin' like that, was ok. When you heard there first song, you'd be like, "Hey, this is actually pretty cool..." but as it went got to, "Umm, isn't this the same song??" We were easily within reach distance of the band...So then around 9:30...Goo came on.

I first spotted Johnny on the side of the stage checking the guitar, though not many people noticed (The front row was filled with teenage girls...go figure) and I spotted him and was like, (to Diana), "There's Johnny!" So then the goo's come on and play. They are awesome live. Robby put whatever the crowd threw on the stage into his mouth.....he put his pics in his mouth, the ice that was thrown...and the daisies that some drunk chick was throwing. The thing about the daisies was...that I never saw him spit it out. LOLOLOL! It was scary at times though...'cause Johnny was so close all the time (Rob was on the other side and never really came to our side =( ) that I could've touched him if I so much as put my hands in the air...but of course...I'm me.....I'm a chicken....ugh. And I also forgot my camera which pissed me off! anyway...

As I was was scary at times 'cause when he was jumping around he almost kicked us a couple times, lol, and his guitar string broke and he was soloing right above us and the string was waving right above us. I was really proud, 'cause we were the only two people under 21 who could sing every song. There was one blonde chick (who got to go up on stage and sing name) who knew the songs from the last two albums but she didn't know anything from before, and the two chicks standing beside me looked so bored...they made me angry...why be in the front if you don't wanna have a good time?

Oh yeah, and I got two of Johnny's guitar pics....the first one i got..i grabbed so fast that no one even noticed he dropped it, lol, and the second, like 5 people went for it but my small quick hands came in handy for once =) hehe. I gave the second one to Diana though 'cause she really wanted was so hard to let go..and i think i almost regret it....but she's my best friend...what can i do? And John got mad during "Broadway" because something happened to the guitar then when he got another guitar and he got back to the mike...he could'nt remember where he was in the song, and it made him angry. Anyway, the concert was awesome, if you actually read this whole thing you kick ass. Have a GOO'd day =)

I don't remember exactly what order they played the song in...but here are the songs they played:

Dizzy (I remember the order of the first 3 songs)
Long Way Down
Burnin' Up
Bullet Proof
Fallin' Down
Another Second Time Around
Lazy Eye
Iris (of course)
Girl Right Next To Me
Two Days in February
Full Forever
January Friend
Black Balloon
Stop the World
I think they played Lucky Star....there was another person on the list that
went..did they?
Flat Top
Hate This Place

To the other person who went....if I left out anything please let me know =) Or if I added something my warped mind could've sworn they played. hehe. Anyways, that's my "review"....or more appropriatly my "experience." Thanks!