From: Amber

Galaxy Theater
October 22, 1998
Santa Ana, CA

first off here are the songs they played in order.
long way down
burnin up (robby was rockin to this one. then again he was rockin to every song)
stop the world 
lazy eye(one of my favs) 
black balloon
name(i have to say this was my fav. i wonder why)
january friend
fallin down
full forever
broadway (john forgot all the words on this and he was laughing the whole
time. when he was done he said "that was the longest 3 minutes of my life". it
was so funny)
second time around
flat top 
iris (everyone went insane when this came on)
lucky star(another one of my favs)
close your eyes with cuz you're gone
hate this place
everyone just went insane when they came on playing dizzy. robby kinda calmed down when he was playing lucky star. he has the coolest eyes in the world. but throughout the whole show johnny and robby were just going insane all over the stage. mike was amazing on the drums. he was quiet but he smiled a few times. when johhny introduced mike everyone started clapping and screaming and mike got all shy and johnny was kinda laughing cause mike had a little fan club.

right after they played naked johnny talked for a moment then he looked at me and he was like "you know the words. get up here". so i got up on stage and he asked me my name. i told him then him and robby were pointing to the back of johnny's guitar and telling me that this is the next song they're going to play and asking me if i knew the words. (it was name) i said yeah but i told them i really suck. so johnny said "it's ok. we suck too." i thought that was just too funny. cause they don't. and i told everyone i'm really nervous so i would probualy mess up all the words. (which i did. but it was so much fun) they just said it's ok their nervous too. so they started playing name and i told johnny he had to sing with me because i knew i was about to forgot the words. he said ok and we started singing. it didn't really hit me that i was on stage singing with the best band in the world until later so i was just having fun. i even got to sing by myself for awhile. 9but i really sucked. i can't sing at all) when they stopped singing and were just playing johnny told me i had to start go-go dancing. so i just started dancing like it was the 60's. then i went back towards mike and started dancing around like a dork. he was smiling (which i thought was cool cause he's so shy.) he kinda looked like he was going to start laughing in my face. which would have been ok. then i went up next to robby and started dancing with him. he told me that i had to dance like this and he started doing his little head shaking thing which is so cool. i was like ok and started copying him. then i went up and finished up the song with johnny. he was just smiling and laughing at me. it was so much fun. he gave me a hug and then i had to get off the stage cause those mean security guys. i wanted to say bye to mike and give robby a hug also but i got shoved off to quickly.

robby and i were just rockin out the whole time. we just looked at each other at the same time and started going crazy. it seemed like he was the only person there and we were just bonding the whole time. it was so great. mike was so amazing on the drums. he's one of the best drummers i've ever seen. and nathan and david were also great. it was just an altogether great show.

and after i got a playlist and i got it signed by all three of of the guys. robby and mike wrote their names and johnny actually remembered my name and he wrote "to amber johnny". and this really nice person gave me robby's gutair pick which was just so cool. and someone else gave me a pass to get backstage but the mean security people wouldn't let me through. when we were about to leave the manager asked how old i was and i told him 14 and he said the guys are going to go crazy when he tells them.

i'm sorry this wasn't a really good review and it was really long but i'm still so excited from last night so i had a lot to say. also karen had the clothes and setting review part covered. (thanks for being nice to me karen) also the guys were just so down to earth and cool. i love them even more then before (if that's even possible.) k. i think that's it. also i might get a few pics from the concert so as soon as i get them i'll let you know. thanks for dealing with me.