From: Mark Cy

Shoreline Apmhitheatre
Aug 1, 1996
Mountainview, CA

This concert was a smorgasborg of alternative music for the FM radio station 
KOME 98.5  San Jose California. Another Bill Graham Presents showcase 
event, the concert sold out the 10-12,000 person Shoreline Amphitheatre 
in Mountainview CA. Every inch of grass in  the general admission area 
was taken over early by blanket-toting concert-goers. All the best bands 
played EARLY, leaving the rest of the evening without any suspense. The  
VERY BEST band of ALL TEN acts was The GOO GOO DOLLS. Each band had only 18-26 
minutes of playing time, and the Goo Goo Dolls definitely made the MOST 
of their alloted time.  Relying strictly on songs from their 
platinum-selling CD 'A Boy Named Goo', the GGDolls played a strong and 
POWERFUL show that left little chance of any of the other bands matching 
it. With the GGDolls ever-increasing strong lyrical commentary on the state of 
the world NOW and their energetic stage presence, they dominated ALL the other 
bands in attendance. Of course they played their hit-single from 1995 
'Name', along with 'Long Way Down' (from the movie TWISTER soundtrack), 
'Naked', 'Only One' and a couple others. The entire listing of ALL the 
bands that played at this show is as follows: 

1.  Dishwalla
3.  Goldfinger
4.  Magnapop
5.  Seven Mary Three
6.  Local H
7.  Beck
8.  Filter
9.  No Doubt
10. 311

The bands played their sets in the above-listed order. Goldfinger and Magnapop 
were also VERY GOOD. Dishwalla & Seven Mary Three were pretty good, Local H  
needs a third member to rid themselves of their HOLLOW live sound, Beck 
& Filter were O.K. and I didn't hang until the end so I missed 311's 
set. If you're going to the Shoreline to see a band, you'd be better off 
paying the extra $8 for the reserved seating in the front section. The 
grassy hill for General Admission was much too uncomfortable for a day-long 
event. Sound quality was reasonably good throughout ALL the sets and 
their were a ton of under-age fans in attendance. It WAS an ALL-AGES 
show. Stay tuned for NEXT years show.

Review submitted by Mark Cy, Snakeman Productions