From: Charissa

July 17, 1999
Naval Base
San Diego, CA

It was the best concert I have ever been to. Since it was general admission I got right up in the front. Everyone their had a blast. People were moshing and crowd surfing but not enough to cause any problems. Anyways back to the goos...Johnny sang alittle strange at the beginning. (kinda sounded like he'd sucks helium) but that only lasted for the first few songs. I think the best song that night was Acoustic #3, but then again I'm bias since that's my fav. I don't know if you have heard bout this but they are now showing this 5 minute film during the show called "Greed In Action"'s basically a social commentary bout the US today. What I thought was pretty ironic was after the film was over a few confeddi bombs burst from above us and everyone was trying to grab the large pieces from everyone else (an illustration of "Greed In Action"....) At the end, the screen that they had shown the movie on was lowered and Robbie and Johnny threw their guitars into it.....Ohhhh I wish I could go to tomorrow's show.