From: Vonique

July 17, 1999
Naval Base
San Diego, CA

Long Way Down
Lazy Eye
Full Forever
Eyes Wide Open
Black Balloon
Lucky Star
Million Miles Away
January Friend
Another 2nd Time Around
Flat Top
Acoustic 3
Just the Way You Are
Burnin Up
Hate This Place
2 Days in February
The concert was amazing!! My friend Emily and I got there at 12 noon, these other girls that were there, Patricia & Jen got there at 10 am!!! They were really awesome, like all goo fans :) Anyway, we were waiting around and some girls had to use the Porto Potties (sp??) so we go over there and I'm waiting around and all of a sudden we see Johnny walk out of the tour bus, so we start running over there and these security dudes keep us from going to meet him. Well we screamed his name and waved him over and he came!! He signed T-shirts, pant, anything & he took pics with the fans. I asked him if he had a tatoo on his back cause there had been some questions about that on the list he replied "nope, not yet" he laughed at that too :) Well after I made an ass out of myself while meeting him cause i'm lame and i couldn't control my excitement he left or whatever..

so a little bit later we saw Robby come out with this tall, thin, black haired girl, she was real pretty but didn't look like the lady i've seen pictures of on the net.. well we called to him and he didn't come over which kinda sucked but that's ok. OK now for the concert, they opened the doors at 5 pm and we were the 2nd ones in, we got very front like last time. Before they opened the doors, we could hear the goos rehearsing "Hate This Place" which was so funny cause all the fans were singing their hearts out and we heard them rehearse some of "Slide".

Well anyway the concert kicked off with fastball (which by the way they rocked), they only played 5 songs, then it was Sugar Ray, and they kicked ass but only played 8 songs.. a lot of people had to get pulled out because of the pushing crowd. THEN *sigh* the beautiful Goos entered the stage and started off with Dizzy as usual.

I had written Robby Kicks Ass onn my arm and my friend had written "I Love You Robby" and we pointed to our arms and he laughed, he made eye contact with us pretty much the entire concert.. in fact at one point while he was singing January Friend he screwed up on one part of the song and i gave him a look like "wow you just screwed up" and he started cracking up it was soooooo funny!

and then when they played 2 days, my friend and i were singing along to it (of course) and john was looking at us and he started laughing, it was just incredible! When they played Eyes Wide Open & Million Miles away i thought i was gonna fall over and die! Johnny didn't tell the name story though which kinda sucked but he made jokes about a couple people.. anyway that was my 2nd incredible goo experience.

I also asked a roadie for a guitar pick and he gave me robby's but when he threw it my friend caught it so she thought it was hers and it turned into a big fight and i guess friendship is more important than a piece of plastic so i gave it to her.. even though the roadie intended to give it to me cause i did ask him for it!!!!!! Shit man!!

lol anyway the goos rock and i hope anyone else who was at this show had a great time! i thought they put on a fantastic show! Also they smashed their guitars at the end, threw them through the screen and stuff :) God i love them! well see you guys