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The Joint
October 25, 1998
San Antonio, TX

Johnny and the boys stoped off in San Antonio, Sunday and brought the house down. Opening with "Dizzy" and going right into "Long Way Down" the band was tight. Performing excellent versions of "Slide", "Black Balloons" and "Broadway" off their new CD, "Dizzy Up The Girl". They also performed some older tones such as "Falling Down" and "Who Am I". It was during "Name" that Johnny dedicated the song to San Antonio and towards the end his guitar was so out of tone that he turned it over to the roadies, but the song did not skip a beat however, he walked up to the microphone and instead of singing the next lines he said, "I feel so funny without my guitar, I don't know what to do with my hands!!" and then put both his hands on his "package" and said, "hows that?" then finished the song. This cause a wave of screams from the girls. "Iris" was outstanding. The crowd knew every word and sang along and at one point got so loud that as Johny backed away from the microphone the sound of 7000 fans was right on key sing "I just want you to know who I am...."

Johnny was the star of the show, full of energy and proved to be a showman. The show reminded me of a Hard Rocking Jon Bon Jovi show. I say that in the most respectful sense. The show was rock soild and the only song missing out of the set was "I Don't Want To Know" from the Fleetwood Mac tribute. A Great re-make that would have fit in perfect.

Sunday night The Goo Goo Dolls shook the cage and the beast was free once again. As leaving the show I thought to myself this is what being a rockstar is all about; Johnny Rzeznik.