Salt Lake City, UT - Delta Center
April 5, 2003

From: April

The show in SLC was great, but it just wasn't the same without Robby!!!! When the show first started, John came out and the first thing he said was that Robby was sick and in a hospital somewhere in Salt Lake, and he was VERY nervous about doing the show without him. Actually, his exact words were "I don't know just how I'm gonna do this without him, but I'll do the best I can!" He introduced another man on the stage, I can't remember what his name was, and said that he would be filling in for Robby. When he said how sick Robby was he asked everyone to send him some love or a card or something...the whole place just boomed with people clapping for Robby ....that part was pretty sweet. I guess it was just me, but it just seemed to be over WAY TO FAST!!! They played Slide first, and no one missed a beat, it was awsome!! They also did, Name, Broadway, Black Balloon, Iris, Here Is Gone, and at one point John got up on the side part of the stage and said it was pretty f@#king scary standing up on the plank like thing that they had set up there, and then he played Sympathy, he said that it was for Robby; and then the place boomed all over again with people clapping and screaming for him. You could tell that John was more than just a little nervous to be there without Robby, but he did really really good anyway!! He is a very crowd friendly kind of guy, and every body loved him. The whole night was kind of bitter sweet for me, if you read my post "Goo fan with cancer needs help" then you know why. But it was still a night I'll never forget!! I'll tell you all more about it later okay, cause I know I'm leaving stuff out, I'm just about ready to fall down I'm so tired!! Take care everybody!! PEACE