Sacramento, CA - Arco Center
April 17, 2003
From: CinnamonToastCoffee

Security was tighter for this show...they actually patted us down outside...No biggie I didn't bring anything but my cell phone ( we'll get to that story later)

So I make my way inside and go to the "goodie" table...first one I went to there was NO Goo stuff at all . I decided to go find my seat and then would go back out. My seat was ok...20 rows back...a lot different from last time I was at Arco Arena with 2nd row...but oh well. I decided to stay put...when I first got in I noticed another mic on the stage...a mic where Robby usually is I decided to call GGL and ask if any one had posted any news about Robby's return because of the mic (I don't remember there being one from the San Jose show). Sure enough the tour diary had been updated with Robby's return.

The floor kind of fills up...seats here and there, but security is every couple of rows. Sat next to a few girls that had been touring with Bon Jovi on the West Coast shows....they were really nice and funny. I will say they LOVED our Johnny Asking many questions about him...tattoos he has, where they band is originally from etc. Of course I was happy to share any info they wanted to know.

Show starts up with Dizzy.....Me going wild again and warning people around me to ignore me! Was awesome to see Robby back on stage doin his stuff! They all seemed in great moods. John was smiling a lot and had a little bit of crowd interaction. Pretty much same songs played....Tucked Away and Smash, no There You Are this time...that's quite ok though.

John was busting on some guy in the front row. This guy I guess had a suit and tie...maybe no jacket but he did have a tie and button up shirt on. John made some comment about how he is with this hot chick and he is in a tie....John wanted him to take it off After a few times of John telling this guy to take of his tie he does and throws it on stage...John decides to put it on...tells the guy to now unbutton the top button of his shirt. was just kind of funny to see John baggin on this guy. Nothing harsh. The girls next to me are just goin nuts...."Oh my god he knows how to tie a tie....does he know how to do everything?" LOL

So anyway...John forgot the words to Sympathy 2 times...poor guy...he was kind of laughing about it...saying he wrote the damn song and can't remember the words. I told the guy next to me that it was just part of the show since he was kind of like that he forgot the words. It is kind of does seem to be part of a show when he forgets the doesn't bother me because it is part of John...just gotta show some love during that time As usual the show ws too short...before I knew it Iris was being played, and they were gone.

They were so on..was good to see the Robby John combo again up on stage...playing off each other. Glad there is only 1 more show so Robby can get his rest.

Now onto security....they made me hang up on the cell phone. Sorry GGL....she was a meanie...and she kept watching me.

I wore my HotStuffTattoo shirt to the show and this girl in the halls about freaked out about it....wanting to know where I got it. We had a nice chat about John's tattoos etc. Was nice to have a Goo fan sitting at the show.

Bon Jovi...pretty much the same stuff. I must say I felt cheated last night. San Jose show started at the same time..about 8:45 and went to about 11:10 or so. Last night started at about 8:50 and was over by about 10:40. WTF is up with that? I mean obvioulsy I was there for Goo but damn...I figured we wouldn't have been cheated out of 30 minutes. Oh well.....was a pretty good night....waiting for the next round of Goo!