From: Matt

April 23, 1999
Thomas Assembly Center
Ruston, LA

The Goo Goo Dolls rocked Ruston, LA and Louisiana Tech Friday night April 23. This was the first soldout show on LA Tech campus in about 10 years. Goo opened with Dizzy and had the crowd on thier feet for the entire show. As the show went on it seemed that the band and the crowd was enjoying the night more and more. About four songs into the show one would have thought that they were on Burbon Street in New Orleans. A few of the ladies in the crowd gave Jonny and the band free peeks. Jonny even thank one of the ladies right in the middle of a song. To give an example of the intensity of the band that night Jonny broke his mic stand during the first song of the night. This didn't even phase him as he just went over to Rob's mic and finished Dizzy as a rodie scrambled to fixed the mic stand. The band played the usual line of song that are listed in the other peoples reviews, but they really seemed to enjoy themselves while on stage. As the show ended Jonny thanked the crowd saying that that this was one of the best crowds that they seen.