From: Abe

April 23, 1999
Thomas Assembly Center
Ruston, LA

Ok the show started at 8:00. The opening act band was called SQUINT^┼don't ask me what it means but they were alright I guess! They were more punkish than rock^┼. But it was all good. Anyway before the goo's went on stage all people rushed to the floor so they can see the goo's close^┼it didn't work out though!the cops and the security forced them to go back to their assigned seats^┼as everybody went back to their seats^┼the lights went down and when that happened a lot of people rushed back to the front COPS COULDN^ĎT DO SHIT.

But they allowed a certain number of people to be close^┼anyway Dave started out playing some piece on the piano it was great I gotta say even though I don't like the instrument that much but Dave proved that it kicks ass on Friday! Anyway the goo goo dolls rushed the stage with dizzy! They rocked they were unbelievable^┼Johnny and Robby were full of energy..they made fun of the backstreet boys..and started joking about it by saying something like ohh the backstreet boys are gonna kick our asses in 2 weeks!it was real funny! I mean what really made me like this band even more is their live act. THEY ROCKED!!..Here's the setlist as I remember:

Longway down
Lazy eye 	before this song started Johnny said, "this is a song from a
shitty movie so let's get it over with" I thought it was funny even
though some thought it was cold^┼WHO CARES!!!
Bullet proof
Black balloon
Full forever
Flat top
2nd time around
January friend

They left came back for 4 more
The way you are
Burnin' up
Hate this place
2 days in February		this song rocked it was Johnny and Robby^┼they both
did a great job on it! Even though it was a lot more different than
the original but it still kicked ass!	

At the end of the show Johnny held his strat guitar and threw on stage and the the sounds that came out of that crash MADE MY EARS RING FOR 2 DAYS!but it was all worth it!


After the show me and a couple of friends were checking out the stage..Where the security was packing everything^┼I found a pic on the floor and I told the security guy to grab it for he did^┼.but I remember he started bitching about how much I'm willing to pay for it..i was about to slap him for that stupid comment but I was in a position where I needed the damn PIC!!

We went to the backstage area where cops were blocking it I saw johnny leave the room and he was heading to the bus so we all ran to the bus area^┼where we could look down on him and people started throwing him pizza boxes, shirts, and paper for him to sign^┼.so I told my friend to give me a paper or something so johnny would sign it^┼somehow my friend convinced me to throw my goo shirt down at him so he would sign it..the minute it hit the ground, johnny went in the bus..i understand jonhnny being busy and tired so I wanted my shirt back so the dumbass security guard held the shirt and got ready to throw it up to us^┼.as he did the shirt went backwards and landed on the damn bus!!!and I gotta tell you all the bus is HUGE!I mean if I was about to climb that bus my chances of climbing a damn mountain would've been better! So I kept begging the cop who was blocking the way to let me go down there and grab the shirt somehow!

But the cop kept saying the end he said that me and my friend can follow the bus right after it moves forward..he started saying how the wind will blow the shirt away and then I would be able to get it^┼so the bus moved forward..johnny was waving goodbye and me and my friend were following the bus..i bet the band thought we were some kind of physco freaks!as the bus went on the highway the shirt fell off!!!I started running after it with my friend^┼.as we were running a car right after the bus stopped and picked up the god damn shirt and drove off!!!!I WAS PISSED!I bet those people thought the goo's threw em a shirt from the bus^┼I went back to the stand and bought another shirt..and bitched all night about how those fuckers stole my shirt!!!

Note: 20 bucks is a lot! Anyway it was a great show and I didn't regret buying another shirt even though I'm in debt now!it's all rock n' roll I guess!