From: Lynne-Anne

November 13, 1998
New York City, NY

We got there about 10 minutes before Buffalo Tom came on. We made our way through the crowd to about the fourth row stage left. They sounded good, but I didn't want to hear them, I just wanted to be Gooed!! Finally they were done. Right before the Goo came on, the keyboard player came out & was playing like church kinda music. Then a guy in a long white church robe came out & lite the candles, then he walked to the front of the stage & kneeled down on one knee. They started throwing spotlights all around the stage & flashing lights (like strobe lights) that along with the erie music looked so cool. Then, finally they came running out playing.....guess what....I was so fuckin excited I can't remember what they opened with!!!! I can remember all the other ones though except that there was one more Robby song I can't think of.

Here is what they played:

Long Way Down
January Friend
Full Forever
Fallin' Down
Burnin' Up
Flattop(towards the end of this they started the sing Sweet Home
Alabama, then Johnny said Fuck This & they went back into the song)
There You Are
Black Balloon
Hate This Place
Hold Me Up
Lazy Eye
2 Days In February

Before I tell you about the show, let me tell you some details, Johnny changed guitars after every song almost, 2 Kiss, 1 Prick, 1 Lawyers suck, and a couple of others without stickers. Nathans guitar said "Don't Be A Dick"!!! Johnny was wearing black leather pants & that black shirt he had on for the artist cut iris video, Robby was wearing a black dress button down shirt & black pants, Nathan was wearing a green like cowboy type shirt & some kind of pants. They sounded incredibly great!!! A few cool things that happened, for me anyway, was when Johnny was introducing Robby, he had his back towards us & the place was quiet, I yelled NICE FUCKIN' ASS Robby was laughing so hard his face was beat red, Johnny turned around & looked at me & said "YOU AGAIN" & started laughing. Then, when he started to say the Name story, before he had a chance to say it, I yelled out "DEAR FAGGOT" he looked over at me like "how the hell did I know that" gave me a smile & continued. When he introduced Nathan he said that "this guy puts me to shame the way he plays" Johnny was smiling all night. Chicks kept tossing their bras on stage, Johnny caught one & said "wow I could really use one of these" then he read it, it had the girls name & said I love you, he said thanks & hung it from his mike stand.

More detail, people were tossing black balloons around all night, Johnny came out with a towel wrapped around his head for the uncore & then threw it into the crowd, he was also throwing pics out all night. Then me & my girlfriend yelled out when it was quiet before he started talking "wheres the party" (this actually happened before I yelled nice ass) Johnny looked over & said "right here, right now, isnt everyone having fun, I'm having a great fuckin time" "you were supposed to have one, but now we'll have to have it hear" It was so cool that he remembered us. When they did 2 Days In Feb, they really rocked it up alittle by standing facing each other & jamin' big time, they dimmed the lights for that part & had the strobes going, it really looked cool. Johnny really didn't talk that much like everyone else has been saying & he only said fuck a few times. He didn't forget any words or change any.

After the show, Robby threw his bass into the drums & pushed the drums down & almost fell on top of them. Johnny tried smashing his guitar, on the stage, into the drums, but it took him like 6 times to finally break it, then he held it up & smiled, threw it down, waved & ran off stage. They sounded so good, and were full of energy & just seemed to have a great time & made everyone in the audience feel good too. I couldn't stop singing, screaming, & banging my head all night. It was fuckin excellent!!!! I wish I could go see them again right NOW. They played about 1 1/2 hours, they went on around 9:30 & were done at 11. If you want to know anything else, ask me, I might remember more. It is so hard to do this, because I was having such a good time I felt like I was in another world.