From: Ryan

November 13, 1998
New York City, NY

Okay, first off, let me say that Friday nights show at Roseland in NYC was amazing. It was my first time ever seeing them live and they were amazing. But before I share with you my thoughts on the performance, I just want to air a few complaints. The guy who lit the candles is also a tech/rodie and when he was trying to make room for a setlist near one of the moniter speakers there was a pepsi in the way that had been left there by someone and he just threw it down into the first row where I was,obviously in frustration, it's not like I think he was gunning for me or anything, but still, I would think the Goo's techs would have at least a little respect for the fans. That's really my only complaint, the other is just a comment. I'm sure everyone else has been noticing the twelve year old girls that are there trying to throw themselves at Johnny, and the scene reminded me of a Bush concert way too much. Or more specificly Johnny reminded me of Gavin Rossdale in the way he was feeding off the attention, and I felt he was acting a tad too much like a rock star and didn't really let the other guys get any of the spotlight, but that's just my opinion and I'm sure many of you will disagree with me. Anyways, enough of my bithching... on to the show.

As I already said, it was my first Goo show ever. Me and my friend lined up outside Roseland two hours before they were going to open the doors and we were maybe in back of like ten people give or take. They started letting us in at a quarter to seven. I got right in front against the barrier and for the most part dead center. Atheneum came out at about 7:30 give or take a few minutes. They were given a half hour to play, and I was pleasently surprised by them. They put on a really good show, they definately get into their music when they play live. The lead singer had said that the next show after this one would be their last one with the Goo's and that they had really enjoyed touring with them for the last three and a half weeks. At around 8:30 Buffalo Tom came out. To say the least I was very disappointed by them. I just really didn't like the music at all, they interact with the crowd well and all but I just wasn't into the music.

Both bands commented on how the Goo's put on a great "rock show". Anyways.. onto the Goo's. The little helicopter sounds mixed with some wacky keyboards started at 9:40 and after standing on the side for a while, the band jumped on stage and right into "Dizzy". At the break in Dizzy before one of the last chorus' he greeted the crowd and asked how the first thiry seconds had been. They then went right into "Long Way Down". The set list is the same it's been for the most part, I believe the other reviews have a very accurate list. The guys were all around the stage, Nathan was surprisingly into it. Most touring guitarists just kind of stand off to the side and play, but he was all over the place. Robby was barefoot as usual, in pinstripe pants and a black shirt, Johnny was in black leather pants and the little black shirt he was wearing when they played 'Iris' on MTV live. You could get a good shot of a lot of his tattoos, first time I had seen them up close. Mike was in shorts and a tshirt.

While introducing everyone, someone in the audience made a not nice remark about Nathan which Johnny replied to with "Hey, he makes me look like an asshole on the guitar", said Mike, even though playing with them for four years will "Always be referred to as the new guy", and Robby was the one "Who held his head while he puked", amongst other things. Great show. Memorable moment is when during an interlude to "Flat Top" Robby stepped up to the mic and let loose a nice "Sweet home alabama...", to which Johnny replied "Fuck You". And continued with the song, messing up the last little bit of lyrics a bit. And of course there was the velvet towel he threw into the crowd after it had been thrown onto the stage that people proceeded to fight over for a good ten minutes or so. They ended the show the best way they could have. A nice version of "Two Days..." and I was curious as to why he was playing it with an electric, that question was answered when during the interlude him and robby kicked in the distortion and went nuts with it, that was really cool.

Then once the song was over they both said thank you and proceeded to give the roadies something to clean up. Robby threw his guitar into the drums and Johnny broke his guitar into many little pieces. All in all it was a really great show. But as I said before, I could have done without the twelve year old girls throwing themselves at Johnny. I truly envy any of you that got to see them play live before he was a 'sex symbol'. These guys are great live and I will definately try to see them when they are back in town in December... even if it is a Z100 show. Anyways, If you haven't seen them yet... run, don't walk, to go buy tickets because they really do put on one hell of a concert....