From: Angie

November 13, 1998
New York City, NY

"My Bra made it!" AHHHHHHHHHH! I can't even begin 2 tell u guys how gr8 the concert was! The whole night i was a wreck (i was nervous 2 c Johnny). The music was unreal, the stage looked gr8, the guys looked even better! i took 36 pictures of Johnny alone.

i started the night at middle center... (Athenaeum opened, they were good...Buffalo Tom sucked!) after them, a priest came out & lit the candelabras that were around mike's drums. we knew they were coming... by the time the Goos came on (9:35), i was second row center...i'm talking about seeing Johnny sweat, okay! they came out in full force playing "dizzy." u couldn't imagine how mesmerized i was by john (i've lived & breathed him for a while!). he looked fantastic: tight black leather pants that accented his butt beautifully & a tight black shirt that showed off his muscles & chest. his eyes were an incredible blue & his hair was gr8. i was holding on to this bra that i brought from home w/ a message written on it. should i or shouldn't i? what r the odds of this actually making it's way on stage? in between a set, he stopped 2 talk...i just let the bra go & it fell right at his feet. he stopped talking, picked it up & said "i could use one of these...sorry i don't know where u r...what does it say....'11/13--johnny, baby...i love u so much! Angie' " the crowd screamed! then he hung it on his mike stand. i'm hysterical screaming "it's me! it's me!" but he couldn't hear me. i felt as though i would die, Johnny has my bra on stage. later on, other people decided 2 throw their bras on stage, but he tossed them aside.

Johnny was extremely cool with us. he made sure that we were having an awesome time. the crowd really got into balloons bouncing around, moshing, body surfing, hell of a lot of pushing. Some girl next 2 me passed out, it was hard 2 lift her up 2 security w/ people pushing. i had about 8 people fall on my head (u can imagine how sore i was the next day). as far as the songs: they were all gr8!

















for the encore, Johnny came out w/ a towel on his head (god...he's such a hottie w/ a body & a cutie w/ a bootie!). he tossed it to the crowd, but it landed in the security pit. pics flew & so did drum sticks. Johnny smashed his guitar (it took a few tries) & Robby threw his into the drums, knocking them over.

stage crew was cleaning up the mess, giving the bras out 2 people. i ran up & asked 4 mine back b/c it had my e-mail address (RzezLuvr--of course) & phone # on it. they gave me a hard time b/c they saw that i still had one on. i explained that i brought 1 from home. they were like whatever & gave it back. i walked around proudly with it around my neck & people would come up to me & say "that was urs! u're so lucky! u're so cool...every1 copied u!"

after the show, i went to the back of the club 2 try & meet them. i had to wait 2 hours b4 Nathan emerged. what a cutie! he had on shorts, a NY fire dept. t-shirt, and a yankees cap. (love those yanks!) he was carrying lots of bags w/ many key chains. it was cold & he had no coat. we talked 4 a while. i loved his review of philly, he said he was gonna write one about NY. i asked him if Johnny was coming out, he said soon. it was cold & i was tired, but wired! i couldn't wait anymore so i ran back 2 Nathan at the bus & told him that i was angie & it was my bra that Johnny caught...he was like "hey, what's up, that was pretty cool." i asked him if he could give 2 Johnny, he was like "sure." he took it & got on the bus. (whether Johnny gets it or not, i know that it made it onto the bus.) then Robby came out w/ his girlfriend, i told him he did an awesome job! his songs really rocked!

finally, Johnny came out wearing a black leather coat, geenish/gray baggy pants & sneakers. he was mobbed by security (they were really mean!) i was nervous so i couldn't get out a complete sentence! i said "the bra, mine, Nathan has it 4 u, i'm Angie!" (he was so unbelievably gorgeous!) he smiled and said "hey what's up, thanx." then he touched me!!!!!! he grabbed my hand...never again will they be washed! i asked 4 a picture but the security guy was like we have 2 go & whisked my love away. he yelled "sorry Ang!" i was in a daze 4 hours!!!!! i had just spoken & touched the love of my life!!!! the night was just incredible!!!! i'll never 4get it....can't wait 2 c them again!