From: Kat

November 13, 1998
New York City, NY

I went to the Roseland concert Saturday. There was so many people outside waiting to get in. The line went all the way around the building! Before we went in, I saw Dave(keyboardist) outside. I went up to him, and said hello.

We all finally got to enter the venue! I went strait to the front row. Instead of being between Robbie and John's side, I was on Johnny and Nathan's side.(which was kool!)They started with Dizzy (as usual) Everything was the same as it usually was. John was saying hello to all the crowd surfers. The girls behind me we re yelling to Johnny.(how they would like to do him)It was kool when they played Black Balloon! There was Black balloons everywhere!! I bumped one to Johnny, and he bumped it back. (but it landed on the ground in front)sorry girls! Robbie was so fabulous!! His energy just made all the fans go crazy!

At one point Nathan and Mike were sitting on the speakers. (as Johnny told a story) which was really kool, cause I got some great pics of that.I threw my white hair ties on the st age, Johnny picked it up and put it on his microphone stand(got a great pic of that too!)Then came the bra with a message . He read it out to the crowd, which I am sure that girl was very happy for the rest of the night! I have to say, this particular concert was the best! The crowd was so alive (fiesty too)If you haven't seen a Goo concert yet,GO!!!!!!!