New York, NY - Roseland
November 9, 2002

From: Displaced Goo

So here's my side...Cider House Gurl and I decided to make a bunch of signs for Roseland even though she wasn't able to go. We decided to do a play on John's Mussles Marinara story from NH. So she (cuz I suck at making signs) made one that said "Mr. Mussles Marinara please". I decided to wait to show the Marinara sign until after a bunch of us WOGers do the "you sing" sign. Which Robby laughed his ass off at and John didn't really seem to get (unless someone else had another view of this). Robby seemed very interested in all my signs (there were a few of them). So after "Slide" I start holding up the "Mussles Marinara" sign, John looks at it and looks away. A few minutes later he does the same thing, I was starting to think he was pissed or something. Then during "Black Balloon", he looked at me and looked at the sign and it was as if a ligh bulb went off in his head, and he got this big smile on his face. So after the song he asked for the sign, which I of course gave up. I had just finished a roll of film, so I was trying to load one the entire time John was talking about the Mussles Marinara story. He told a much shorter version than the NH one and then went on to tell his new hotel name (someone help here I forget what it was). I looked up just as John pointed at me and said "This ones for you" and started playing "Dizzy". I can not tell you how awsome it was to have John dedicate a song to me I had a couple of other signs as well, one that said "guitar solo" (also because of NH). Robby looked at it (Robby seemed to look every time I changed signs), and started laughing, I don't think John ever saw it. I also had a sign that said "We love Mike", and a WOG hearts Goo sign. After the show, when they were doing the autograph thing... anyone who knows me knows I don't believe in autographs....I believe in hugs cuz they will stay in my heart forever. So when John gets to me I get a hug and tell him thanks for "Dizzy" and he says something to the effect of "It was all for you". Then Mike comes over and I get another Mike hug (I just love that man), and he says thanks for the sign (of course now I am thinking he thinks I am a freak...Albany, NH, and Roseland-don't ask). Then Robby comes along, and I get another teriffic Robby hug. It was a GREAT 4 days!!! NH followed by Roseland. It was so great hanging out with so many WOGers. Displaced says she saw Robby mouth "thanks WOG" at the end of the show!!! Mindless- roseland Mindless (Holly) got to my house at about 1:30ish and we posted her NH show stuff on the board while waiting and waiting some more for AriesGoo (Jess) and Darcy to arrive. I call the hotel that BriGoo and her parents were staying at to inform them that we will not be making it to NY for dinner. They finally arrived at about 6:30pm (uh, OK so they were a little later than expected - we won't go into that) and we loaded up the car and headed out. We arrived in New York at about 9:30 and checked into our hotel. Like Jay said... the room was VERY small. I'm not too sure if it was as small as Buffalo but it was darn close! It was an INTERESTING experience. I don't think I've ever been in a hotel that has all fluorescent lighting in it. Darcy gets a message from Jay saying to NOT LEAVE THE ROOM cuz they will be back at the hotel at 10... or something like that. So we wait. Then the horde came! LOL Trying to fit 10 people in that room was definitely interesting not to mention trying to have a small party. With that many people in the room and everyone stiffing my hair it was very HOT so we finally decide to go visit the venue and take a walk around town. We went to the venue and the Virgin megastore and Bri got some comments about walking around the city with tupperware. She brought chocolate chubbies (cookies)! YUM! and some chicken with broccoli (I brought some up for her cuz she asked). One guy said something like she's got tupperware. And his buddy was like she's got cookies. Can we buy some cookies? We finally bring Bri back to her hotel and I was like Oh no! Your parents are going to kill us for bringing you back so late! But her Mom was really nice! BRI'S PARENTS ARE AWESOME! We walk back to our hotel and get Jay his bed (Holly brought an air mattress with her). Despite what Jay says... Holly actually pumped up the mattress. Jay you need to work on those skills! LOL A couple hours later, Holly, Jess and Darcy start getting ready to head out to the venue and get there at 4:45 am. I stayed in the room to check out and do the hotel transfer (I was the one with the car). That was interesting... Lots of luggage... Roads blocked off... But needless to say we finally made it to the next hotel. We have the guy load up the cart with 9 people's worth of stuff that was actually supposed to be for 4 people. Check in at noon and they tell us to come back at 3 because the rooms weren't ready. We head down to the line and there's this crowd all infront of the doors of the venue. Other than the WOG people standing on the edge of the sidewalk, it actually took me a few minutes to find out where WE were. It was really nice to meet everyone... bring some new people to the board. WELCOME WELCOME! Bri came up with the numbering scheme and a bunch of WOGers were numbered from 1-15. And yes, the famous chocolate truffles made their apperance! Some got lost in the final line... I hope someone ate them! Okay we go back to the hotel at 3 and go to get our rooms and they tell us that they still aren't ready but they will be ready in a half an hour. So we head up to Bri's parents' room and have lunch (all of our stuff was crammed in there). Then Jess and Darcy show up to tell us that the Will Call window is open! ACK! Of couse, everything is in my name! LOL We head back downstairs to check on our rooms and they don't tell us whether they're ready or not... They call security! Oh no! They're onto us! They know we're cramming more people into our rooms! Oh, ok... maybe not... The rooms still weren't ready and I gave them my pissed of you've got to be kidding me look. So they gave us 2 different rooms. We head back up to move all the stuff and Bri's parents helped us! So cool! BRI, HAVE I MENTIONED THAT YOU'VE GOT GREAT PARENTS! Head back to the line and get the tickets where they yelled at us for ALL going in to get the tickets. Only the person who GOT the tickets could go in... OK... Then the wait... They made us move ALL the way back past the entrance to this other building, which was very strange. So people kept on lining up in front of the venue and Jess, Darcy, Bri and some others would go and yell at them. Close to door opening time a few people from the back of the line would run up to the venue to see if doors were open... then walk back to the line... then run back up. Needless to say, most of us were not in the front row... Some people were already there from contests... Family and friends of the band I could understand but some of the other people... Don't get me started with the people from the back of the line in the front row! So we're in... We lost a few people in the crowd... Jay, Lisa, Kristyn and a few others were on "Johnny's side". Holly, Jess and Darcy squashed into the front row on "Robby's side". Bri, Lauren, trac, CC, 2Goo, CTGoo and I were in back of them (at least when the show started. Man it was HOT in there! The show was great! Holly and her signs. LOL Too funny! John staying up until 6 am! That crazy guy! I would definitely say it was a Robby night! He was just feeding off of the crowd! Like everyone said the set list was the same as it was for most of the shows. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pictures as I normally do since I was being moved around constantly and someone's arm or head in front of me... LOL At the end of the night Robby "mouthed" WOG Thank you! So cool! After the show we got our made our way to the buses and there were already a good number of people by the barricades. We decide to finally sit right by the bus. We talked to Wild Bill for a little bit. Cool as always! Then Roseland security told us that we needed to make a single file line on the other side against the wall. They told us that we had to be against the wall and to put our cameras away or they will go straight onto the bus and take our cameras. no pictures. John made his way out first walking right by us, starting at the end of the line and Mike started at the other end... Robby was still no where to be found yet. John signed my ticket stub and gave me a hug. Mike also signed my ticket stub and I got a hug from him too. Eventually when Robby came around I gave him my ticket stub and he said, "I saw you!" and gave me one of those famous always heard about Robby hugs and stuffed my ticket into his pocket. I was like Robby you have my ticket! He reaches into his pocket and was like OH! I guess I do have your ticket! LOL He scribbled what looks like it's an R with a scribble after it! Afterwards we made our way back to the hotel for some SLEEP! The next day I woke up ROASTING! The "fan" was on but apparently there was no real way to adjust the temperature in the room. Holly woke up soon afterwards and we let Darcy and Jess sleep till about 11:30. Holly and I hung out in Lauren, trac, Kristyn and Jay's room until then. Packed up our stuff and headed out to breakfast/lunch. We went to this place in NY where only in NY you would have a waitress so rude it's funny. She made fun of all of us! Then it was time to leave... One bunch to the train station and the rest of us back to the hotel and garage. I MISS YOU GUYS! Well, now the month long wait till the next show in Rochester!