New York, NY - Roseland
November 9, 2002

From: clarkandkent

So, here's my list of the TOP 3 THINGS JOHN DID when the spotlight was off, or when he was so far left that few people were watching. I had a great time seeing all these things that I would've missed had I been far back and depending on the spotlight. Okay, maybe I didn't want to see #3, poor guy.......... #3 As those of you who were on my side know, John was coming over between songs not only to get a new guitar, but also to take throat spray for his beleaguered voice! I believe there was also nose spray at one point too, but I've infringed on his privacy enough here already!!! Note: this is not unrelated to #2. #2 Right before "Iris," when the spotlight was still off and John was center stage he quickly crossed himself. A wise move for someone with voice trouble who's about to sing that song! #1 On the left side of the stage by the guitars, there was also quite the collection of bobbleheads and other cute & useless things. Right in front was the new hockey-player hamster that a fan gave Damage (he was showing it to some of us at the back door before the show). Well, during one of Robby's song John comes over and Damage presses the hamster to make it go, and the John starts mimicking the way the hamster pounds his hockey stick up and down and proceeds to laugh his ass off. I had to do the same of course! I don't think anyone covered these relatively inconsequential moments, but I love stuff like this!!! My fave moment though was when John saw my "thank you" sign as they began "American Girl" and gave me the best grin. *sigh*