New York, NY - Roseland
November 9, 2002

From: Candice

Ok I meet my friend Karen around 11am at the train station then went back to her dorm to drop off my bag. We hang out for about an hour and as we are on our way out the door I remind Karen to get her tickets for the show.( uh oh...this is where the trouble begin's ) She searches everywhere and cannot find them. She cant remember if they were mailed to her or at will call...then we spend a long time on the phone with ticketmaster. The tickets were mailed to her house back in Long Island. its now 2:00pm and we were supposed 2 be in line already! we decide I am going to go wait in line and she is going to take the train home, get the tickets and then make it to the concert. As we walk out of her building I see a guy selling paintings and right in front was "The Dream" (Johnny's tattoo) I freak out bc I can never find it anywhere and I told Karen that it was a sign that we were going to have an awesome night! (little did I know, thats really what was about to happen) we get in line and meet andrea215 and 2 other non WOG's, karen leaves to race home in search of tix. I wasnt even in line for 2 min. and I immediately spot MIKE walking right past the line with food in his hand by himself. One of my friends drags me running after him. He looks over we say hi he says hi, then we all leave. get back in line.around 4, andrea and I decide to go look by the busses before we grab something to eat. after 10 min Robby and Mike walk passed and said hello and that they would be back outside for us later. John came over a few min later and told Mike (new goo sec) to give him 5 min to stay out there with us. I asked him for a picture and what seemed like the whole crowd standing there also wanted to be in my picture...umm ok. I had a picture of Robby and me from the Hartford show and I asked john to give it to him for me and he said he would. he was so sweet to everyone and he remembered Andrea! (she gave him a hat at the Teen people listening party) we get something to eat and then get back in line. I met a lot of people but im not sure who was a WOG'er ....ohyea ClarkandKent--(hey!). at around 6 I go with Andrea again over to the busses and John walks out with Jason and walks down the st. 5 girls went running after him...and I decided to as well...except I didnt run lol.then he turned around singed everyone's stuff and I had him sign my hip. (now I have wanted this for a long time...I always said i wanted him to sign my hip and then I was getting it tattooed over!) I asked him to write his last name as well bc I was getting a tattoo. He told me "Please dont do that" and also said "I forgot how to spell my last name" and wrote "John R! "...I am totally freaking out now...I go back in line and show all my new friends...Karen calls me and tells me to go ahead inside and that she will meet me after the show bc it was already 6:00 and she still was searching for her tickets. all of a sudden so many people decided they were going to start cutting the line....soon doors opened and it was a mad dash inside...PEOPLE ARE CRAZY....the show begins! Andrea & I got front row on the left in front of greg...near the YEAH girls . Lisa Loeb began playing...yes she is a good singer but once again as some1 else already posted she should not be the goo goo dolls opening act!! during her set for some ODD reason I actually hear my cell phone ringing and it is Karen...depressed...because she couldnt find the tickets so she is NOT comming to the show...I feel so bad ...then Jason came out and was talking to us. I told him I wanted a picture of him and he said "you dont want a picture of me" like YES I DO! then I asked him why he no longer worked for the goo's and he said that he is back with Matchbox20. So I said "Yea but you like the ggd better so you should come back!" and he said "well MB20 pays me better....ALOT BETTER"...hmm ok The goo's come out and are amazing as usual. I start taking pics. All of a sudden A sec. guard is VERY VERY CLOSE to my face and is screaming at me to give him my batteries because I was not allowed to be taking pictures! I tell him to go speak to Jason but he refused. well too bad I was not giving him my damn batteries! so then he starts harassing other people and threatens to kick us out if we use the camera again...then finally Jason comes to our rescue. He tells the(some word I cannot write) of a sec. guard thats its OK... TOLD U SO...! if only he had listened to me in the 1st place. Whoever made that pillow and the big Machine undies...i give you a lot of credit. I wish I was that creative! The show was really really really AWESOME! I made out with so much stuff. I got a pic...and Damage (john's guitar tech) was soooooo great to myself and Andrea. He gave me John's water bottle (hehe we all took a sip of it after the show it was so funny) andrea got his towel and he gave greg's set list to both of us, so we split it. After the show andrea leaves and my other friends too so now Iam alone and I need to make my way down town to my friends dorm...hmm not good. All of a sudden i run into another goo friend who offers to take me to the dorm bc she lives in the same building...the only stipulation was that I had to hang around with her after the show so she could try and meet the goo's...(I didnt want to be greedy since I already met John twice that night but ofcourse I stayed with her) we waited to long hours and finally security had us line up single file along the wall and no pics were allowed. Mike got to us 1st and he singed my set list. Robby was about 2 people away from me and that is when I got Karen (the girl who lost her tix and is also a HUGE ROBBY FANATIC) on my cell phone...I told her to hold on and I couldnt explain why...when robby came over I handed him my phone and told him to talk to Karen that she is a big fan and couldnt make it to the show...they start talking...and by this time Johnny makes his way over to us...I decide to leave Robby with my phone...I explain to john that where he signed me on my hip was too high up and could he do it lower...WOW...Mr.rzeznik pulling aside my undies to sign my body for the second time...AHHH u dont even know... !!!!!!!!!!!!! he tells me again three more times not to get the tattoo...then gives me a kiss! ROBBY IS STILL ON MY PHONE! lol John asks who he is talking to...I say "My friend who couldnt come to the show tonight" then John says "YOU CHEAP B*TCH!" into the like "NOOOOOOOOO U DONT UNDERSTAND THE POOR THING LOST HER TIX!!" he immediately apoligizes and gets on the phone says hello and he cant talk bc he is signing stuff and he really really has to pee! lol. Robby gives the phone back and we say good bye. we walk back to the dorm and cannot believe what just happened to us. I still cant get over Robby on my cell phone! Karen was freaking out when I got to her was so funny. I was so happy she atleast got to speak to them on the phone since she coudlnt go to the show. can u imagine all of this in one night?!. WOW is all I can say. I still am undecided if I should get the tatto...its still visible bc I put plastic over it in the shower...ok I think Iam so sorry this was so long. thanks for reading my post!