Rockford, IL - Coronado Theatre
August 20, 2003
From: Erin

Had the best time tonite! I wanted to post this as soon as I got home while the memories are still fresh. The show was phenomenal! I can't comment on Kory because we were late, bought the white Sympathy T-shirt with John on it, then bought a couple beers, which we had to drink in the lobby. We found our seats (11th row, Robby's side) just as the lights went down. I'm on such a goo-high I can't even remember what they opened with (Naked maybe?) but they sounded awesome, of course. They were all in such a good mood and John was especially chatty, quick with the jokes! He greeted us all as sinners and fornicators (a jab at the anti-abortion demonstrators on the sidewalk) and wished they'd quit being so judgemental and just do something good. It was the perfect intro to Slide. He read someones sign about it being her 20th Goo concert and joked about them having a punch card like the car 20 concerts, get the next one free. Another sign said "I want to lick your dimple" and he said it's good he shaved today so it wouldn't be all stubbly and gross. Lots of bras and panties were tossed on stage. He picked up an enormous pair of bloomers that said "I love you this much" on them, he laughed and said it was way too much! They were cracking up a lot. He almost lost it at the very end of Name, trying to be serious, he had to take a moment to contain himself. It was great to see We Are the Normal and Cuz Your Gone w/1000 Words live. A first for me - this is my 3rd Goo concert. Big Machine rocked! Sympathy was a highlight. He introduced Broadway as a song about where he grew up. Loved Here Is Gone. Robby was his usual energetic self, first time I got to see Burnin' Up live - yay! What a great night! And it gets sweet husband humored me and we hung around by the busses afterwards. There was quite a big crowd watching the roadies load the trucks. I figured with that big of a group, they'd wave and hop on the bus. Well, I'm thrilled to say I was wrong! Security Mike instructed everyone to line up on the sidewalk if we wanted anything signed. I bet there was 50 - 75 people (I'm horrible at estimating). Thankfully, I tried on the new T in the ladies room after the show so I had something for the guys to sign. First came Mike - so gentle and sweet. Then Robby who had a little chat w/my husband about Cheap Trick being the best thing to come from Rockford. Then after a pause, John came too. I was too shy to ask for a hug until the girl after me did. Gave me courage to speak up. So he said to me with a smile, you have to ask for a hug otherwise you can sue me for sexual assault! All 3 of them were smily and happy, and I've got a great souvenir shirt w/ all 3 signatures on my belly! I walked away on cloud 9!