Rapid City, SD - Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Arena
August 8, 2003
From: Sammi

I saw them in concert in Rapid City SD. lemme just say it was the best concert i have ever been to. It was general admission standing up, so we got there reallly early and we ended up dead in front of Johnnys mic on the gate. They were so energetic and the set list was awesome. (even tho im too tired to remember all of it! lol ) John saw my friends camera and goes "hey i see you have a camera, can i have it for a second?" then he took a picture of the whole audience screaming "bullshit!!" and then he took one of Mike. it was great. I got one of John's guitar pics too. Man, i wish i could get into more details, but theyre all just floating around in my head right now, lol i had such a great time. We waited outside by the busses for a little bit, and Robby came out and said hi. I had the time of my life! OHH and a local band here called Kory and the Fireflies opened up for them, they were pretty okay, and they will also be opening for them in Vegas for those of you who are going! Sammi