Raleigh, NC - RBC Center
March 21, 2003

From: Kelly

The concert in Raleigh was awesome! We just got back yesterday. I think everybody knows the set list by now, but if not, I'll list it. In no particular order, Name, Slide, Dizzy, All Eyes on Me, Black Balloon, Iris, Here is Gone, Big Machine, Sympathy, Tucked Away, Smash, What a Scene, and I think that's it. Sorry, it's been since Friday. The crowd was really into it and John made a really funny comment about someone's sign. On one side it said "today's my birthday so kiss me John" or something like that. And the other side said "Tico can bounce me everyday" or something like that. (tico is the drummer for bj) John was like, hey make up your mind. It was really funny. Then he said the US should make a gigantic bomb outta pot and then have people from the US drive around in Dominos trucks. It was soo funny. The highlight of my evening was definitely when John Rzeznik waved at me twice. My friends and I were pretty much the only ones standing up and going nuts in our section so it had to be us. We also made shirts that said Raleigh or Ruined on the front with a picture of JBJ and JR and then under that it said Spring Break 2003. The back said ~Round-trip airfare to Raleigh...$143 ~3 night stay at the Fairfield Inn...$115 ~Section 120 Row Q...$75 ~Chance to see Bon Jovi and the Goo Goo Dolls...PRICELESS We had a few compliments on them. We even made an extra one for Johnny. People that worked at the RBC Center said they were not allowed to give the band members anything. Finally we found a guy that said he would. He asked us if we wanted it signed and stuff. I was like, well I just wanted you to give it to him, but if you could get it signed that would be awesome. So he took it backstage, but we never found him after the show Hopefully it made it to John. The show was really awesome though. Even after seeing the Goos 6 times I want to go again!!! Rock on GGD!