From Ashley…

September 10th

Alltel Pavilion

Raleigh, NC

We missed Fastball performing due to a little case of forgetfulness. But we got to our seats as Fastball was finishing up. Sugar Ray was great. I always like seeing them play. Of course they played "Fly" and "Every Morning" But I don't remember hearing Someday. I'm wondering if I missed it??

But anyway, on to the Goo's. It was a great concert all around but it could have been better if I would have been able to meet them again but there's always going to be a next time. I didn't get the set list but I was close enough for it. My friends didn't have seats where I was so I got them down to my section, which was in the 8th row. They opened with Dizzy, as usual, then went on to play: Long Way Down, Lazy Eye, Slide, Blk. Ball, Bullet, Naked, Name, January, Stop the World, Full 4 Ever, Broadway, Flat Top, and Iris. *I'm not sure that this is the right order of the songs, but I know the first 5 are correct*

Then they showed the little video about Greed. I couldn't even hear it everyone was screaming so loud. Then when it was over they just came out from no where and played Just The Way You Are (also as they came out little shiny pieces of confetti like fell from the ceiling). Then they played Burning Up, Hate This Place, and ended with 2 Days In Feb. During 2 days they brought the big screen out again and there was a girl on a phone in the background.

After they finished Robby threw his bass into it and practically broke his bass and the screen. Then Johnny threw his mic stand. Then they left and it was over. Afterwards I met the bass player (Rodney?), from Sugar Ray and got my pic taken with him. Then we had to leave, the security guards were being so mean. But anyway, it was a great concert and I can't wait to see them again.