From: Doug

April 1, 1999
The Ritz
Raleigh, NC

The Goo's were fantastic. As usual. We, my room mate Carel and I, were there about Six O'clock pm. We were some of the first ones there. Only about ten people ahead of us. We stood in line and talked with some other fans about the Goos, and other bands. It was cool. Then, about Seven Forty Five the doors opened. We went in and were right up front. It was great. There were some drunk people there being stupid and rude, but that's to be expected. One "woman", she was probably about twenty, but some how had beer, and was drunk of her @$$ was pushing a bunch of younger girls around. That wasn't cool. If you're going to come to a show, have respect for the band, and the people who came to see them.

Anyway, The New Radicals played a half hour set that was exactly a half hour too long. They really weren't very good. Their songs were too long, and were horrible. At least they didn't play longer.

The Goos came on about Nine Fifteen. They opened with DIZZY and went into LONG WAY DOWN as usual. They followed their usual set list, and closed with IRIS. Then, for the encore they played BURNIN' UP and HATE THIS PLACE. Then everyone except Johnny and Robbie left teh stage. They played a little but of TWO DAYS IN FEBUARY, and asked if we wanted teh "Nice" version or the "Mean" version. They then had the crowd aplaud for each. "Mean" won. Johnny changed the lyrics a bit at first saying:

I hung your picture on the f#*king b*tch.
I break my finger to make the [email protected] slut.

It was rather humourous. Near the end of the song they turned up the punk rock-o-meter and jammed out TWODAYS. It was great. That was the end of the song, and the end of the concert. However, during the course of the show, and afterwards, I managed to get three Guitar PIcs that were thrown into the audience. I'm lovin' that, and I can't wait til tonight and the Myrtle Beach Show...