From: [email protected]

April 1, 1999
The Ritz
Raleigh, NC

Well it started off great although it took a little too long for the people to open the doors considering I was out there about to jump out of my pants from excitement. Anyways, The New Radicals came on first and they rocked, but I can see why people would think they sucked since all they were doing was making us wait longer! They did about 4 songs and then left, but they surely put on a good show. However, i almost jumped out of my pants again while I was waiting for goos stuff to be set up.

Finally, when all the stuff was set up and the lights went down, everyone was screaming for them and chanting "goo goo dolls! goo goo dolls! goo goo dolls!" Then there was even more screaming when people could see them behind the speakers and the keyboardist walked out on stage. A few minutes later, he was joined by Mike, Nathan, Robby, and eventually Johnny.

They opened with Dizzy and Long Way Down and a few songs later they played Naked in which Mike started the song with this really good drum solo. I was in the second row and Robby kept looking at me and people around me and smiling and looking as though he was trying to scare us all, but of course it wasn't working. Near the beginning of the concert, Johnny started saying how hot it was, took a sip of water, and poured the rest on the crowd, including my brother and I.

Eventually, the show was over, ending with Two Days In February, which I could not sing along with because he changed the words... A LOT!!! Of course, because everyone LOVES them, the excitement wasn't over. Everyone went outside and swarmed the bus, waiting for them to go outside and into the bus, hoping to get an autograph. They were awesome and the New Radicals did a good job opening for them, although Johnny said he thinks he might get a "New Radicals" hairdo. OH NO!!!