From: Meghan

May 14, 1999
Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Poughkeepsie, NY

Oh dude...I Am still trying to life since last night has been a blissful daze.

About a month and a half ago, the tickets for the Goo Dolls, Poughkeepsie, NY show went on sale. I called on the first day, good thing because in about a week they all sold out.

I tried not to think to much about it because I knew the anticipation would kill me.

But the day of the concert came and I went to my friends house we drove to dinner with another friend Andrea.

We finished dinner and left for the concert. It was the most surreal feeling driving there, I could not grasp the feeling that I was going to see one of the best bands in a few hours. That is until I saw...dundada da...the tour buses. Oh man, I let out a huge uncontrollable shriek as soon as I saw them. It was about 6:30 and the concert did not start till 8:00. So me and my friends Kyle and Andrea stood as close to the stage as we could get...witch was about the second row.

At 8:00 fastball came on. They were much better then I expected, the guitarist I thought was amazing, he was crazy, up and down the neck of his guitars. I am a 15 year old guitarist in progress, so I really watched him more then the others. But their songs were very good. The moshing started, I did not really participate, I did not want to get hurt or be separated from my friends.

I am not sure how long they played but when it was over the boredom set in during the set up of the Dolls instruments. Man they had a lot of guitars to tune, and god how I envy those roadies. By this time we had pushed ourselves to the very front, and were being squashed agents the fence cage thing, but it was worth it.

After about 45 minuets, the lights were turned off and I could see John, Nathan and Robby putting their guitars on off to the side of the stage. My heart was pounding, I was so close to them. Then we all heard the introduction to Dizzy and John and the rest of the band exploited out on to stage.

I was so struck by the energy of the audience and the fact it was John Rezenik.

We stood kind of off towards the left side of the stage, but close to John Microphone and, but Nathan December was right in front of us....he is so cool! i think they should induct him into the band. in between songs when the crowd was kind of quiet i would yell the stupidest things up to JIM MORRISON'S PANTS MAN, YOU HAVE ON JIM'S PANT...just to get their attention, you see Nathan was wearing pants just like Jim Morrison's and Jim is my god. Actually I thought to myself during the concert, John Rzeznik knows the Rolling Stones and Mick knew Jim Morrison...ah i have made a connection to my GOD. Anyway Nathan just laughed at me and i thought it was I was really lucky, he also smiles a lot. And after they played Flat Top...i yelled up to John "Douglas Copeland" because i read somewhere that John wrote the song based on one of Copeland's books. and i have read a few of his books myself, but i don't think John heard me.

i know that everyone likes to know what John was wearing, but i was kind of disappointed myself, he had on striped Adidas pants and his white tank top shirt...but its not about vanity, its about the music. He did not tell any stories, but he did talk more then i had expected him to, after going through all those problems with his throat the last few weeks, and he looked pretty healthy to me. I am not sure what Robby had on, but i did notice a knee brace, but he hoped around that stage like there was not tomorrow, he is so funny and so i Johnny. I have no clue what Mike was wearing you can really tell they love what they do, and LOVE TO perform during the guitar solos John would get down on his knees and lean back...he is really talented and amusing especially when he made fun of the backstreat boys...hehehe!

There are really no words to describe the feeling of seeing them live, THEY ROCK SO MUCH! And i can't wait to go again...i was really lucky to make as much eye contact as i did with them all and to get so kind of interaction on a level besides music.