From: Veronica

November 29, 1998
La Luna
Portland, OR

I always loved the Goo Goo Dolls, but after going to their concert last night (11/29), I am a true fanatic. Of course, it was my first concert ever of theirs, and going in I didn't know what to expect. But they surprised me with an amazing, energetic performance that I will never forget.

I arrived at the club with my friend Laura at about 9:20-- ten minutes before they were supposed to come on. However, Buffalo Tom, the warm-up band, took too long. Finally the were off the stage, but then the stage guys took about three years to set up for the Goos. But when they came on, I forgot about how bored and hot I was-- because they were rockin!!!! First they turned up crunching guitars, and white lights flashed at the audience, and they jumped onto the stage playing, of course, Dizzy. Speaking of the audience, I have never seen so many crazed people in my life! Suddenly everybody rushed toward the stage, and I was crushed underneath these two girls-- but I had a prime spot, one "row" away from the stage, and in the very center.

Oh yeah, in case anyone cares what they were wearing, Johnny had on a white wife-beater tank top and green pants without shoes, and Robbie had on all black (or was it dark purple?) shorts and shirt with a white T-shirt underneath (no shoes either). Mike, as usual wore a T-shirt and shorts.

I had "encounters" with the band during the performance. The first was when they were about to sing "Name," and Johnny took about 20 minutes to tell the story, and I was getting annoyed because I wanted to hear it so badly. Finally he started it, and I guess I was really into it because he looked at me and smiled and stretched out his hand, inviting me up. But I was behind a row of other girls and the bouncers wouldn't let me, and I didn't get to go. :( Then came the really infuriating part... this ditzy blonde somehow made her way up to the stage and started flirting with Johnny like no other, and he enjoyed every minute of it. Oh well, I'm just happy I got acknowledged at all. He talked to me one other time when I was really thirsty and I wanted some of his water, but he just laughed at my outstretched hand and said, "Hey, how's it goin?" He's VERY interactive with his audience, and there was one other point where he knelt down at the front of the stage and grabbed our hands. He looves that attention. Can't get enough of it. And now I can't get enough of him, or the rest of his band!! One other thing, at one point Johnny decided to do something... uh... cute... he took this huge gulp of beer in his mouth, and, instead of swallowing it, he sprayed it into the audience. He was pretty drunk. I think Robby was a little, too.

I'm not going to write up the song list, because it was the same as the rest, so I've heard. But they were great... Johnny has an awesome voice and Robby does, too, which surprised me because before I hadn't preferred his singing that much. Mike was pretty quiet throughout the performance, and actually Robby was too-- Johnny sort of stole the show. The audience was kind of a pain... though there were only two crowd-surfers, both were dropped directly on my head, and on top of that there was absolutely no air to breathe between all the screaming girls. But I just focused on the band, and the rest didn't matter, and even though I was fighting the other people at the front, when we weren't elbowing each other, they were really nice people-- I talked to a ton of people that night.

Bottom line is, the Goo Goo Dolls rule, as did their concert. I've never been a die-hard fan of anything before, and although it seems like I'm overdoing the praise, if you see their show, which you definetly should, you'll know what I mean!!!