From: John

November 29, 1998
La Luna
Portland, OR

I had the privilege of attending the Goo's show at La Luna in Portland, OR. What a great show! Johnny was smiling and laughing right from the start of the show. It was infectious! The house mix was very good and the smaller venue provided an excellent opportunity to see the band do what they do best: ROCK!

Johnny talked about how 'Name' was conceived. He was just playing guitar at home and came up with it. He started by telling the crowd how he had put 'Name' in the middle of the disc to try to keep it sort of hidden and he also said that it wasn't a 'cool' song; all the other songs were 'cool' but that one wasn't. I think what he meant was that he was taking a chance with that song because everyone was used to the Goos rocking. He said one day he was driving down the street and turned the radio on in his car and lo and behold! 'Name' was playing on that particular station. He just assumed it was an isolated incident. Then he said that he was in the grocery store at 2 AM, pushing his cart, getting his peanut butter and jelly, his toilet paper, etc., and 'Name' started playing over the store's P.A. He said that he thought what kind of weird grocery store is this? He then said he received a letter from an 'indie rock label guy' that started out 'Dear Faggot,' and continued something like this,'I hate that song.(Name) It sucks and you sold out.' signed indie rock label guy'. (I assume there was a person's name, but for legal reasons, he didn't say who it was.) Johnny contemplated writing a 'mature' reply back, but settled for 'Dear Asshole,' and went on to say something to the affect,'I like the song, I wrote it and I meant it and it's on the disc. Fuck off and die. signed faggot'. He said the moral to the story is that if you've got people who love you and support you you're lucky and it's a great thing, and if someone doesn't like you and support you fuck 'em because you don't need to be around them.

He was somewhat intoxicated and being hilarious but he played well and had a good rapport with the crowd. Between he and Robby, things didn't get dull. Here are some highlights: During the very end of 'Name' A girl was allowed by Johnny to get onstage and he asked her what her name was. She replied 'Natalie' and then she asked Johnny 'Are you Johnny?'. His reply was,' Nooo, I'm Bob'. Then he asked her what she wanted. She said something about wanting to play with the band. She said she could be a back-up singer. He said that was OK and she got right behind him and he told her to put her hands around his waist. Problem was, she had roving hands! Johnny tried to finish 'Name' but couldn't do it because he couldn't concentrate! He thanked Natalie and had security escort her back to the crowd. Later on, a girl (possibly Natalie) down near the front was screaming 'Johnny I love you!' and his reply was 'Before we get married don't you think we should live together first? How do you know that in 6 months that you won't get mad at me for leaving the toilet seat up or something? One girl threw her bra onstage and Johnny looked out into the crowd and pointed to one girl and said, 'Is this yours?' It must've been because he started laughing. He asked the crowd after the song,'Should I try it on?' And then he proceeded to put it on his head and then around his chest. Then he slingshotted it back out into the crowd. I can't remember the exact set list, but they opened with 'Dizzy' and played 22 songs. Off of 'Dizzy' besides the title track they played 'Slide', 'Broadway', 'Black Balloon', 'January Friend', 'Full Forever', 'Iris', and 'Hate This Place'. Off of 'A Boy Named Goo' besides 'Name' they played 'Long Way Down', 'Naked', 'Burnin' Up', and 'Flat Top'. And they played a couple tunes off of 'Superstar Carwash' ('Fallin' Down and 'Another Second Time Around') and 'Hold Me Up' ('Just The Way You Are' and 'There You Are'). They also played 'Lazy Eye' from the 'Batman Forever soundtrack. A good time was had by all during the show.

This was one of the best shows I've seen in a LONG time, and if they make it back to the area, I'll go see them again!