From: Olga

December 21, 1998
Pompano Beach Amphitheatre
Pompano Beach, FL

Pictures at bottom...

Pompano Beach ROCKED like never before with the Goos last night!! This Goo Goo Ball's gonna go down in history, lol! It was a psychedelic world out there...I could not distinguish the division line between the stage and the crowd throughout the concert. The Goos performed almost for two hours, and they were extremely interactive and seemed so happy smiling at everyone they were having a good time!

How can I start this...last night I had so many mishaps and surprising happenings! Let me start by saying that it was so great to meet some of you guys on the list (Brooke, Jaci, Bridgette and Niki). Thank you Niki for taking my picture with Robby and Johnny!! Let me tell you about last night - it was the best night I've had up to now that I could think of! I made too many signs, took some confetti, black balloons, a wedding garter, handcuffs, a flying saucer, a Rock and Roll Elmo for Johnny... I sneaked in my professional camera, a handy one and a diposable one so I got to take pictures with all three!! I took like 99 pictures, seriously, and I'm really hoping they all come out!! Yes, I was insane taking pics, lol! I got so lucky no security ever told me nothing, they even saw me, LOL!

I had third row sits, but when it was the Goos' turn, everybody ran like crazy to the mosh pit. I didn't 'cause I had too much stuff with me so I stood on top of the first row sits on my 'Robby section' of the venue, and got an awesome view of the whole stage!! But later on I moved into the front of the mosh pit...!!!

So I got to take some pretty good pics from different spots. The opening bands were locals Crease and Virgin's Marlow, I liked how those guys in Virgin's Marlow were dressed like funky priests!! They seemed really cool. Each band got about an hour of performance, I personally liked Virgin's Marlow's act more than Crease's, but both bands got a neat music style going. Virgin's Marlow reminded me of the Smashing Pumpkins. Nobody seemed to know these bands, I didn't either. Everyone there was for the Goos obviously.

So then the Goos are about to come out in like five minutes, when Mother Nature sends its pouring rain over our heads! I got a couple of my signs messed up because of this =( The rain was okay 'cause the weather cooled down and with all the sweat it turned into a refreshing breeze.

The Goos did their usual energetic powerful entrance with 'Dizzy,' Johnny was wearing his popular white tank top with nice black textured pants, Robby was wearing all black, and Mike had on an aqua t-shirt with white shorts I believe. They looked so bright and sharp and ready to rock 4-ever!! They sang their usual set list, I don't remember the order.

Let me get to the highlights...some girl threw her ripped thong at Johnny, he goes, "Now wait a minute, did you just rip this off your butt and throw it over here?" the girl blows him a kiss and eventually he answers her "Thank you darling," and he hanged it on his mic! So after the show she got a date with him to the after party! (What a lucky B). I think Johnny picks up a girl at every concert, LOL! (Johnny, naughty Johnny...)

Robby liked my 'Domino' sign that said "Goo Goo Dolls Rule," he smiled and nodded at me saying he'll try to play that one, but he didn't. I also requested him 'Slave Girl' on the handcuffs I threw him, but he didn't play that one either =( I guess they were pretty tight with their planned set list.

Johnny liked some sign in the pit that read "Wanna Get Married?" It was a nice one. Fans threw him jewelry, plastic balls, balloons, wet PLASTIC (bizarre huh?!?) The moshing wasn't too bad, but a lot of kids were crowd surfing during the most unexpected songs: Black Balloon?!Name?!Two Days in February?! OK!!!!!!

During the 'Name' story Johnny changed the wording around it was much funnier this time!! He's trying to clean up his vocab, lol. He said his father would have liked to hear this one better, "Dear Mr... Homosexual..." Hahaha, you should have heard how he told the long story version though, it was hilarious!! During Slide I think it was, I was jumping up and down on my freaking sit which got slippery from the rain and I fell to the floor flat on my butt, LOL!! I was so embarrased, I didn't get hurt, I was laughing so hard!

I threw the wedding garter but it didn't make it on stage =( My balloons blew away and some popped, LOL!! The flying saucer went all the way behind Mike, it wasn't my intention to hit him though! Robby smashed that christmas tree several times, cool!

After playing 'Iris,' the encore followed and I moved to the front very quickly, I wanted to give Johnny the Elmo I brought him as a X-mas present, but I decided to wait 'til the last song. Sometimes crowd surfing can really help you get you to the front, (or vice versa) it did it for me! I thank someone's surfing body for having pushed me right in front ot Johnny! I was right in front of Johnny for half of the encore, I got to see him from no more than two feet away! It was incredible how close I was for a short while, Johnny shook hands with everyone, he was giving hi fives, he splashed his water, (more wetting after getting wet from the rain!)

At the end Robby was having a blast destroying Dave's keyboard with his guitar, lol! I threw Johnny the Elmo while he was smashing his precious guitar, and he picked it up and put it on the mic. He liked it, he smiled, and kept it!! Wahooo!! I was not on Earth but in some other world... My wish was to meet him!! And my wish came true!! I met Robby first, unfortunately I didn't get to meet Mike, he left quickly right after the concert with his family from Miami.

On to the meetings... After the concert Niki and I hanged out in the front and back stage and asked those mean security guys if we could meet them, they said the usual thing, if you don't have a backstage pass leave, and literally threw us out! So we decided to wait outside in the back where the equipment truck was parked, and waited there for about an hour. We saw Dave Schultz pass by several times, we said hi to him, but we didn't have anything for him to sign!

I told Niki let's go into the back door and ask if we could meet them (the least they could say is no, right?), so we do and when we get there Robby appeared out of nowhere, he was talking to some girl on the stage!! At first I couldn't recognize him because of his newly dyed red hair, but then Niki knew that was him because of the tattoo on his arm!! So we called him over and this Sweetheart walked over to us and hugged us and gave us a BIG kiss on the cheek! He asked for our names, he was a little drunk, while he hugged me he mumbled on my neck something like; "I think you look so fine, I love ya" I was so shocked and didn't know what to say!!!

So we took pictures with him and he signed all of my CD's! He signed ALL seven of them!! He said he deeply appreciates fans who own all of their CD's. His favorite color is purple... He told me how he hates the BANG! CD 'cause the producers never asked them what they wanted to put in it, so he wrote on it: "I hate this! Robby." He also said that 'Hold Me Up' was a very special one to him 'cause he fell in love with a girl while doing it! Plus he showed us all of his tattoos, I wished I had taken pictures of each of them, they are GORGEOUS!! The one on the back of his neck is a cute face, his personal favorite one is the one on his right calf, a huge drawing of a sexy woman! He's so charismatic, friendly, funny, he's really cute too! Mr. Adorable, I have finally proved it!!! (No worries Niki! Robby would have liked it better if your shirt opened a little bit while taking the picture, lol, and he did seem to appreciate your x-mas card a lot!!)

So after meeting Robby we sat there waiting for John to come out, then after a while he finally comes out with the 'thong chick' from the concert following him. I noticed it's really hard to catch Johnny's attention when he's distracted. He started teasing the girl Robbie was chatting with before, and I'm on the side trying to wave at him, so he grabbed my arm pulled me over and got me into the scene. He put his arm around my shoulders and said something like: "This girl right here will kick your ass right now, she's a black belt and will show you a lesson RIGHT NOW!! " LOL (He's so playful!) I was totally unaware that Johnny boy had his muscular arm wrapped around me pressing me against his body!! AAAACK!!! I couldn't believe it! He turned around looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes of his and asked my name. He asked me if I was russian, I said I'm not, I'm spanish.

So I gave him a hug and asked him to please sign my CD's and some pictures I had taken of him at the Pleasure Island concert. He said sure that was the least he could do for me! He's sooo nice!! When he saw my pictures he said; "Wow, I actually look good on these," LOL!! I was so lucky he signed all of my CD's 'cause David that rat of a manager kept saying they had to go and kept pushing me away from him! He's so mean! So I said to Johnny, "Please, please Johnny..." He looked at me SOOO sweetly and said; "Awww, common Dave, look at her, she's so beautiful!" I was too flattered my mind went blank and I just smiled at him and he tried to finish signing the rest of my pics! Dave kept throwing everyone out of his way, so I sneaked on the side towards John and gave him a good bye hug and he hugged me back with a hard squeeze!!! He kissed my ear too, he wouldn't let me go!

I thought I was gonna die at some point! I'm usually too nervous or shy to do anything like this but under some magical spell of his I was at ease! That smack will be in my ear whenever I listen to his music from now on!! Then he said, "nice Go Go boots!" and grinned at me! Well, I now know he knows my name 'cause he kept thanking me for the Elmo doll! When they were about to leave on a Cherokee to the party, he thanked me again before they took off! I asked him if they would be playing soon again in Florida, he said "Yes, in the Spring. I'll see you then!" Of course I'll see U! And thus he left...

All of this was too good to be true, I was speechless. I still can't believe all of this happened in one night!! These guys are so real with their fans it's way too fantastic!! I'm still mesmerized from all this! I think Niki got to go to the after party...I couldn't 'cause my parents wanted to go home, and it was late!

Niki also got to record the concert on tape, you go girl!!! I will soon get my pictures developed and post them up here. I wish for the Goos the best Christmas ever now that they are back home!! This was my second Goo concert, I wished I had one more concert to go to before the year ends. I got tickets to see them open for the R.S. but I know that won't be the same experience. It's amazing how the Goos wrapped up their small venue tour for this superb fashion and high spirits down here in Florida!!

Olga's Pictures from the Show!

John and Olga

John holding a thong

John (autographed)

Robby and Olga

Robby holding handcuffs