From: Jaci

Pompano Beach Amphitheatre
December 21, 1998
Pompano Beach Beach, FL

Pictures at bottom...

last night was awesome. I was as far in front as one could possibly be. The set list was the same. The guys came out and played Dizzy and a few other songs before finally speaking. Then they wished everyone a merry christmas. Robby kept running around, john said he was drunk. At one point, robby grabbed the christmas tree that was onstage and threw it on top of me. Then he went to explain why he threw it. He said he hasn't been near christmas for so long, and that tree was the first piece of it he's seen in a while, and he wanted to share it with us. Then he said he's gonna' go home and get him some lovin'. He then put this ornament thing in his mouth and then threw it to me, so I have that. Some girl threw a thong onstage and john picked it up and put it on his microphone stand and it was ripped and he said "ewww...u just ripped it off of your butt and threw it up here." Robby said florida brings out the bad side in him because he was constantly cursing and running around and stuff. JOhn said fuck about 3 times at the beginning and robby ran to the mike and said that's 3 fucks, then he yelled fuck again and said, now it's four fucks. At one point, john said fudge and f dash dash dash. Then he said "my mom taught me how to curse, she taught me how to smoke, and how to open a beer bottle with my teeth, God bless her, wherever she is." Also, when john picked up the thong, robby came out with handcuffs. They had a lot of energy and were running around the whole time. Nathan kept looking at me and smiling and waving and he blew a kiss to me because i was the only one on my side at least singing all the lyrics.(sorry if I sound stupid) Also, I met him before the show and talked to him for a few minutes I guess. He was really nice. Um, there was a lot of crowd surfing. JOhn would shake hands with the people. He threw a bunch of water out also. They introduced eachother funny as usual. JOhn introduced Mike as the sexiest man of the late nineties. At the end, after they played 2 days in february, robby went sorta' insane and started making noise with his bass and put the bass on the keyboard and started beating the keyboard and just playing anything. robby also brought out a pair of handcuffs at one point in the show. Also, I MET MIKE!!! I was so happy, he was sitting at a table and no one even recognized him. He was drinking at the little bar or whatever that was outside. I got his autograph and a picture with him. I told him he was much better than george and he said thanks. Dave said he liked the glitter on my eyes. My friend has this dream of robby giving her a piggy back ride (she's weird) and she told mike about it, it made him laugh at least. And we showed him this christmas tree thing we had and he liked it and passed it around the table. A little later on, he sat in the row behind me to watch the first band that was on. He waved hi to me, and when the 2nd band was on, he came over to talk to my friends and I. We talked to him for a little while about getting backstage passes, and he said he couldn't get us any becaus he didn't know how this place worked, but he would meet us by this gate after the show. (security kicked me out for tresspassing after the show :( ) I gave him a balloon and he and I were talking about how they're hard to tie. I must have thanked him a hundred times. Anyways, we talked about a lot more stuff because I saw him one more time, right before. If you guys want the complete details and our whole conversations or whatever, e-mail me privately. one more thing, johnny told the name story, but he made it a little longer, by adding that he originally wrote a letter back to the punk rocker explaining himself and what the song means to him and then he decided fuck it, i don't have to explain myself to this guy, and so I wrote him back.....with the letter everyone on this list knows. But before he could finish, I yelled out some of it and robby gave me the weirdest look. He was sitting right in front of me for that story. Anyways, JOhn said he was going to introduce himself because robby was mad at him and robby explained that he wasn't mad and introduced johnny. JOhnny intoduced robby as "my liquored up partner" and they said some other stuff that I don't remember. That's all I can remember for now, but I'm sure I can remember more later. (They also did sweet home alabama in the middle of flat top, which was awesome because it's a special song to me for reasons that I won't tell this list) The set list was the same as the other shows, when john and robby did 2 days in february, it was amazing, they just look realy in tune to eachother. anyways, thats all from me for now. -

- Jaci -

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Jaci and Mike