Pittsburgh, PA - Mellon Arena
March 24, 2003
Morrison, Colorado - Red Rocks Amphitheatre
July 31, 2002

From: Marianne

Hi all you GOO fans!! Although this is my first time writing the fan club, I am a serious Goo Goo Dolls fan!! I have been listening for years but just his past summer saw my first Goo show in Red Rocks in Colorado. What an amazing event!! Robby was so ON that night and John's voice was a little rough from what he called "too much fun in Alaska". But the whole night was amazing. From that point on I have been totally hooked!! I saw the guys again a few weeks later in the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette Pavillion and that was truly the best night I've had in so long. I only wish they would've had big screens for the fans inside the pavillion area so we could've gotten some close-ups. ANYWAY>>>> My husband and I we going to get to go backstage and meet Johnny, Robby and Mike a couple weeks ago in Pittsburgh at Mellon Arena as they opened for Bon Jovi. We left the house on time but due to a traffic accident a few miles from the stadium, (not us by the way) we were stuck in trafic until 25 minutes past the backstage time. I was totally devestated!! I tried to hold back the tears, but they just kept coming. I wanted to meet Robby so much!!! I have his pictures all around my Xray board at the office (I'm a technologist for an Orthopedic surgeon) and the office staff thinks I'm crazy. I am...just about Robby though.. ! Luckily, I stood in the seventh row right in front of Robby for the show. What a thrill!! What I would've done to just hug him! The band only played for about 40 minutes but still it was so good. SYMPATHY was over the top and so was "TUCKED AWAY"... Oh...my heart!! I had one of those throw-away cameras we were allowed to bring and would you believe the film was messed up and NOT ONE of the pics I took came out? Talk about a huge let-down! I have this wonderful memory of Robby looking right at me with those "yeah, I see-ya" eyes and I will not forget that. Overall, a cool set and great memories....but the real memory will be the day I get to meet them.

Sending out a big "HEY" to all of you and the band keeps me "....burnin' up inside".

I'm another Slave GIrl!!!

Goo fan extreme, Marianne from West Virginia