From: Rob
May 25, 1999
Pittsburgh, PA

Last night was my first Goo concert since the ABNG Tour in '96, so it had been a long time coming...and it was worth it. I really dont know where to start, the show was at a small outdoor theatre in Pittsburgh-the show started at 7:30 and we waltzed in at 6:30- and walked right into the second row. Sure, we had to stand the whole time, but when they came out, it was well worth the wait. Fastball came out, and played like 6 songs, they were fine, but no one seemed to care- I really doubt that any of the people in the crowd were there for Fastball- the enthusiam- everyone was polite, but when they got off the stage, the crowd became condensed really quick- what really amazed me was the civility of the crowd

Robbie commented on it also, there was no mosh pit, no one threw anything but the usual bra and light thingies....It was really a nice group- The one thing I didnt like was the wait which seemed like over 1/2 hour from when Fastball's tech people took all their stuff off the stage. Anyway, when the Goo's got on, the lights started and it was just really awesome to be so up close.

They played all the usual stuff- I was REALLY pleased that they played Fallin Down as the 5th song.... The best ones live were Fallin Down and Black Balloon. One thing that I thought was pretty annoying (haha) was the fact that people were singing along like the WHOLE CONCERT- you couldn't even hear Johnny on like Slide, Iris, and a few others. But it was still fun!! Johnny had a cold but it didnt effect his voice or his enthusiasm. He was really cool. He didnt really BS much at all... All he said pretty much was before Name- he said " I've learned 2 things in life- how to say Thank You and Fuck You." Then during Name, the mike made a screech right at a pause and he went " Fuuck"... At the end, one of the guys threw me a pick- so my night was complete- I snapped 27 pictures in the first 2 songs...I hope some of them turned out- I had to do it quick cuz security was taking cameras off people. It was awesome, what can I say? I also got it all on tape but it sounds like crap, cause you hear the crowd more then the band.