From: Judy
May 25, 1999
Pittsburgh, PA

Oh my God! I'm still having spasms every once in a while when I think of the concert that I went to like 19 days ago! Sorry it took so long to type this up, but I was grounded from the computer for three weeks (I was good so I got it cut a little) because the concert was on a Tuesday and I had school the next day and I didn't get home from the concert until 2 am! Oops! Oh well, it was soooo worth it! Ok, here's what happened:

I had been planning this concert for like two months, ever since I heard that the Goos were coming to Pittsburgh. I was SOOO hyped up about it because my dad said that I couldn't go to any concerts of theirs unless they were in Pittsburgh, so that was really cool. You should have seen me and my best friend Sarah (she was going with me and she is almost as big of a fan as I am) at school that day. We were so hyped we were bouncing off the walls! I failed the three tests that I had that day because I just COULDN'T concentrate I was so excited! But that's ok. So all my friends were like being really cool about it and not getting mad at us for only talking about the concert and nothing else. So of course the school day dragged onnnnn and onnnnn till I thought it would never end!

So it FINALLY was over and me and Sarah got picked up by her dad who was taking us to the concert. We stopped at the store on our way to Sarah's house, and me and Sarah bought five disposable cameras each! I wore my jeans with big pockets on the side so I put one in each pocket. It was so funny, me and Sarah were shoving cameras wherever we could! It was so hard to walk and stuff! But so we ate dinner and left to go to the concert. The whole entire like drive we listened to our Goo CD's. Sarah's dad (he's a really cool dad) was like, "God I'm gonna know all the songs in this concert cause you brats play it so much!" It was really funny.

So we FINALLY got there and even though we were like 2 hours early, we still had to park a long way from the entrance. But it was ok, me and Sarah were all hyped up, we were practically floating down the street to get to the entrance! So we got to the entrance in what seemed like forever but was probably only like 5 or 10 minutes. We had to stand in this LOOONNGGGG line to get in, partially because the security guys were checking everybody's waistband to see if they had like a gun or a bomb or something. So Sarah and I were getting kinda worried because we each had a camera or two tucked into our waistband of our jeans. So what we did was we shoved the cameras into the VERY back of our jeans waistband and when we had to lift up our shirt to show our waist we didn't lift up the back and they didn't say anything so that was cool. It was funny, Sarah's dad was just like, "Hey I'm glad I left my bomb at home!" It was just the way he said it it was really funny. So anyway, we got in and we went straight to the T-shirt booth to buy a shirt. Both me and Sarah got the same one, it's white and has the Dizzy Up The Girl Tour logo on it and on the front is a picture of the Goos. I was gonna buy two, the other was black and had the DUTG Tour logo on the front and nothing on the back, but I was 5 dollars short (boo hoo). They were 20 dollars each so they were kinda expensive anyway. So I got the DUTG heart-shaped sticker for 4 dollars instead. To all the fans who are going to a concert soon, bring lots of money, EVERYTHING is expensive! This was my first concert, so I didn't know how much I should bring. Oh well.

Anyway, me and Sarah were waiting in the mile-long bathroom line so we could change into our shirts, and we met these really cool chicks. One was named Kelly, and I can't remember the other two at the moment. They were talking to us, and they were askin us all kinds of Goo-related questions which of course we could answer. So they were being really cool. I swear, we were like the youngest people there! I'm almost 13 and Sarah's almost 14 and we only saw one person there that looked younger than us! He looked about 10 or 11. So we got changed, and we went to go and get a Pepsi because we knew we wouldn't get a chance to and then get close after. So we did, and then Fastball came on. Tony (Sarah's dad) said that he would get us up close and then leave us to do our own thing for the rest of the night. So while we went to get some of those light glowy necklace things, Tony found us a way to get up front. So we were about to go up, but then Fastball was done (they had done about 6 songs) and the people that were sitting in chairs really far back decided to get up and wait for the Goos to come on.

So our spot was taken! Me and Sarah were so ticked! So we decided that we didn't know these people and we would never have to see them again so we decided to push and shove our way up front while the people moved Fastball's stuff off and put the Goo Goo Doll's stuff on. Well, we were all pumped up and ready to do it, when these girls in front of us decided that that was what they were gonna do too. So they did all the pushing and shoving, and we just followed them. But they couldn't find a way up closer, so we ended up farther back and we went from the far left side to the far right. We figured that that just wasn't good enough, so me, Sarah, and the two other girls (we never found out their names) got out of the crowd, walked all the way around them, got back over to the far left in like the second row and pushed and shoved our way in so we were on the left, but had a REALLY good view of where Johnny would soon be standing. So we were in like the second row and had a GREAT view, so we were pumped! I got out one of my cameras, and put my light thing on my wrist. We were ready.

We stood there for what seemed like forever, but it was probably only like 15 minutes after we got to our spot. We could physically FEEL the time passing, because every couple of seconds our personal space got a little smaller. I was worried that I was gonna pass out from lack of oxygen or something before the Goos came on! I gave myself a little talk saying that if I passed out and missed ONE second of the Goo's performance, I would go home that night and kill myself. I was just kidding of course, but still I think my pep talk helped me stay concious during the whole show. So we were standing right in front of this lady and her son (the only kid that was younger than us). Her son had on an older Goo shirt from ABNG tour. Sarah was just messing around and she said, "I'll give you my Tommy Hilfiger shirt if I can have yours!" It was pretty funny. So we were talking to them and the lady said that her and her son came from Columbus, Ohio to see the Goos. She said that they were gonna follow them for like 4 or 5 concerts. She was really cool. Her name escapes me right now though.

So me and Sarah told them to make sure that they screamed "Tell us the Name story!" right before Name came on. They said ok. So then we felt a couple of raindrops on us and Sarah starts singing "It always rains like hell on the losers day parade." It was funny. But it stopped after like 2 minutes and it never started up again. We didn't have to worry about it, because it was a rain or shine show, but concerts are better without the rain because if it rained, the fact that it was already hard to see would get worse. So that was cool. Then we saw the lights dim a bit and everybody in the whole place looked at the stage.

The Goos came bursting out with "Dizzy". It was just so incredible to see them standing like 15 feet away from me I started to cry a little! But then I saw that I couldn't see with tears in my eyes, so I stopped immediately! It was just the perfect beginning to the most perfect day of my life!

During "Dizzy" I snapped an ENTIRE 27 picture camera away! I quickly shoved it into my pocket so the evil security guys couldn't take it away from me. Then Sarah told me to save a couple pictures for later so I started being more careful about the security guys. I can't remember the order of the songs, I just kept jumping and screaming during all of them! Johnny came over to our side alot! That's probably because every time he did we screamed our hearts out and jumped and EVERYTHING to get noticed! I bet he loved every minute of it... I know I did! One time he knelt down on his knees and was still playing his guitar and I thought I was going to melt! I had to get a picture! Another time he came over to our side and tossed his hair back. I HAD to take a picture of that!!! So I couldn't help it, I had to hold my camera up a little to get around the people in front of me, and the security guy saw me! He's just like, "Give me the camera!" I'm like, "what camera?" He's like, "If you don't give me that camera right now, I'll throw you out!" So I had no choice! I gave him my prized camera that had a picture of Johnny tossing his hair back. I was PISSED!!! But I still had 3 cameras left so it was ok for then.

After that I was OH SO CAREFUL taking pictures! They didn't catch me again. I don't get why you aren't allowed to have cameras, it doesn't hurt anybody! Oh well. But I had my light thing on my wrist, and I was jumping and singing when Johnny came over and he looked at me and smiled!!! I almost passed out!!! I was in complete and TOTAL HEAVEN!!!! Sarah saw him smile at me and she freaked out on me! She was like, "OH MY GOD!!!!" So that was SOOO cool! =) The only bad thing about the entire night was the security guys, this old chick standing next to me with her like 12 year old daughter and looking at me like you little queer quit the jumping and dancing!, and this chick that was like 23 and standing in front of us.

During "Iris" Johnny threw a pick at Sarah and me, and Sarah had it in her fingertips, but the drunk b*t*h grabbed it off of her and started screaming, "I got one I got one!" I was honestly going to kill her right then and there, but I would have gotten kicked out and would never get my camera back. She is so lucky that I couldn't find her after the show. But she had long black crimpy fizzy hair and it kept getting in my face, so during "Iris" Sarah and I had lighters and were waving them. And Sarah's just like, "What if we set her hair into a big bonfire...Do ya think Johnny and Robby will notice us then?" It was so funny! But we didn't, or we would have probably be put into like juvenile detention or something... but it was worth the thought! =)

Also during "Iris", Nathan came over and nobody did anything like screaming or nothing, so me and Sarah screamed,"I love you Nathan!" and he smiled at us! So anyway, Johnny or Robby didn't talk much and Mike didn't talk at all. Neither did Nathan or Dave. =(

Johnny first introduced Robby. See, I learned something new. Robby's last name is pronounced Tay-kac, not Ta-kac or Tack-ac as I've heard it pronounced before. And then Johnny introduced Mike. And then Nathan. And then Dave as a man that needs a hug. Me and Sarah both screamed at the exact same time, "I'll give him one!" but they didn't hear us. =( Johnny introduced Robby, Mike, and Nathan in a very funny way, but I can't remember what he said about each. =( And then Robby introduced Johnny. I don't remember what Robby said about Johnny either. But it was hilarious! =)

One time between songs, Robby was like,"Look at that beautiful skyline. You know you guys have a pretty cool place to live." I was swooning. Anyway, when they went into "Name" Johnny said that there are two things you need to know how to say in life... one is Thank you and the other is Fuck you! It was really funny the way he said fuck you. So me, Sarah, the lady behind us, and her son all counted to three and screamed, "Tell us the Name story!" but Johnny didn't hear us. =( Oh well, and I really wanted to hear it too, but that's ok. so then at a pause in "Name", the microphone screeched, and Johnny's like, "Fuckkk!"

It was soooo funny! But that was basically all that happened during the show. When they left I thought that the world was ending... I just wanted it to go on forever and ever. But some guys came out and were handing out guitar picks, so I stood on the bar and stretched as far as I could to try to get one, but he didn't give me or Sarah one. =( And THEN they gave out the set list which of course I didn't get... I ain't THAT lucky! So I asked a different security guy than the one that stole my camera if I could have it back and he said which one? And I pointed it out and he gave it to me! =) So my pictures are getting developed right now so I'll get them to you as soon as possible! I hope they turn out ok...I had my flash on and Johnny posed for a couple so they should. Ok, hint to the picture takers- snap the pictures when the lights blink so that security can't tell where the flash is coming works!

So we got our stuff together and we were ready to leave. It wasn't that late, but I had a couple pictures left so I got one of Kelly and the chicks from the bathroom line. We talked for a while and then we were walking to where we were parked, and we saw a big group of people down in a ditch surrounding a bus. Me and Sarah both thought the same thing-that it was the Goo's bus-so we begged Tony to let us go down and he said ok. So as we were walking down, there was this really cool drunk guy in front of us and he's like, "I'll take a picture of you guys in front of the bus!" And me and Sarah are like psyched! So we make our way down and squeezed through the crowd to try to get close, but the crowd around that bus was even tighter than during the concert! We couldn't get close at all! =( but that was ok.

We just kind of stood there for a while and then Tony said that it was time to go so we got into the car and blasted Goo Goo Dolls all the way. We stopped at like McDonalds or something and got something to eat, and then they drove me to Sarah's house and me and Sarah just went up to her room and started going over the entire night. We were so pumped up! So Tony forgot that I was still there until like 1:45 am so he drove me home and my dad was PISSED! But it was well worth the grounding. I had the best time of my life. It was my first concert and to top it off it was a GREAT one preformed by the best band in the world, the Goo Goo Dolls. Me and Sarah couldn't sleep, so I called her and we were up talking all night. The next day at school we weren't even tired.