Pittsburgh, PA - Mellon Arena
March 24, 2003

From: googoogrl182

All I can say is WOW...the Goo's were amazing once again. I had okay seats but i snuck down into the closest lower level seats...about 8 rows from the stage!! I was so happy! The BEST part was when Johnny walked over to our side of the stage onto the little bridge thingy and gave me a THUMBS UP for my CBGB tee shirt i was wearing! He looked at me and mouthed "CBGB" pointed to his shirt and gave me a big thumbs up! He looked SO goo-d in his purple bandana! The whole 50 minutes i was in complete goo heaven. People think i am crazy for flying all the way from Houston to Pittsburgh to see goo...but i have family up there too so it was cool. I think my Aunt has a major crush on Jon Bon Jovi now.... And of course...I was amazed once again at how much energy that Robby has!! OMG Robby...how do you do it? . They sounded absolutely amazing though. John's voice is so powerful! What A Scene and Broadway were definitely my faves last night...although i was hoping they would play Naked! I NEED a *Headlining* summer tour now (who's with me?!) Anygoo, the Goos rocked the house last night!!! I give them a thumbs up too!