From Caitlyn

August 18th

Pine Knob Music Center

Detroit MI


Hey!! My name is Caitlyn and I am fourteen years old. I was lucky enough to get into the SOLD OUT Goo Goo Dolls concert!! I was asked to give a review, and of course I could not refuse!! Well at 7pm the first band, Frog pond, moved up to the mic and they were pretty good. They played for about a half hour. Then my friend and I goofed around a bit and started singing "Flat Top" as loud as we could and started bouncing up and down. But as we started getting rowdy Mark McGraff, yelled "WHAT THE FUCK IS UP DETROIT?!?" And the whole crowd cheered!! They sang some of their old stuff then Mark started saying some stuff. "Hey you know I want to bring out a special guest of mine. He's a Waterfordian and he kicks ass!" Mark then brought out some guy who couldn't sing. Mark then said, "Ok, Ok, that wasn't him, I was just joking. Here is the real thing!! KID RIZZO!!" Everybody jumped up and screamed even me because to me KID ROCK is the best!! After one short song Kid Rock went backstage and Sugar Ray continued to rock Pine Knob. They played for another half hour and bid us a rocking goodbye with FLY!!

We had another short break while the roadies cleared the stage and did a sound check. My friend and I began singing again and started chanting "Johnny is HOT, Johnny is HOT!" The stage got quiet, the pavilion got dark and out comes John and Robby playing DIZZY!! It was the best adrenalin rush I have ever had. The Goo's continued to play songs off of A Boy Named Goo and Dizzy Up the Girl. Then after a few songs John stepped down and Robby sang January Friend. It was the best song I have ever heard live.

I swear Johnny is the best storyteller. He told us a story about a dream he had the night before. "Ok, so last night I was lying in bed and I suddenly fell asleep. And when I dreamt, I dreamt I was in an alley. At the end of the alley there were five dark figures, they were the Backstreet Boys!! And the scary one with the weird hair said 'Johnny I wanna freak you' then I said 'What the fuck does freak mean?' Then I suddenly realized that he wanted to do me. I was 'Fuck No!' and I ran away. I woke up in a cold sweat, and when I finally calmed down I fell back asleep. And when I dreamt I was in the same alley and at the end of the alley were the Backstreet Boys and the weird one ran towards me and started kicking my ass!! I woke up again in a cold sweat. I called my therapist and asked her 'why do I have these dreams?' and she said 'Well, Johnny, you are feeling guilty because you wrote a song that everyone loves.' " And right after that he started playing NAME. I was laughing so hard during that story, I almost pushed my friend down the hill.

After a few songs they played Iris and it was the best experience I had in my whole life because the crowd was louder than John! John and the band said goodbye, but I stayed because I knew in the back of my head that it wasn't over. On the big screen a movie popped up about Greed and how it was good. After that Johnny comes running out.

I stayed until it was all over and as I was walking out I bought a t-shirt and a sticker.

All in all the Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy '99 concert was THE BEST concert I have ever been to. I definitely hope that they can come back soon so i can meet the band or at least get better seats! (i was on the hill but still pretty close).