From Peggy…

August 18th

Pine Knob Music Theatre

Detroit, MI

Well, the lovely Tina and myself arrived at Pine Knob Music Theatre at four-thirty on the scheduled afternoon of our goo event. With our VIP tickets in hand <supplied by a very guilty husband who had previously banned his wife (me) from any further live goo concerts or encounters but saw the error of his ways> we proceeded to the pavilion where it looked liked a sound check might be ready to occur. We were watching the roadies set up with about twenty others when suddenly this Andy Warhol kind of looking guy comes up and says..."Ok, if you are getting a back stage pass raise your hand. Umm, hello! I'll take two please. How easy was that!! Turns out the group we were sitting near was a radio station's winner's circle or something. So to make a long story short, Tina and I got to go to the preshow meet and greet. We only got to speak with the Goos for about thirty seconds because of the assembly line mentality of that kind of event but, HECK...we didn't think we would even get to see them at this venue outside the actual concert!! Who could complain! I got a nice picture, too!

So afterwards we go back to our seats...22nd row far right, but still good, and who do we happen upon but Bill R.!! This was a sold out show and we thought no way was Bill gonna get in but...damn...the King of Will Call had seats at the end of our row! Had I been able to locate Brandon on the lawn, my evening would have been complete. There is nothing like watching a goo concert with real fans! No luck finding Brandon, so we settled in for Sugar Ray. Out of respect for a rowdy audience I stood and tried to enjoy their set. Suddenly, who should appear onstage but KIDROCK! Now, I am far too old to enjoy his music but damned if I don't! He was awesome and the highlight of Sugar Ray's appearance!

We were hoping that maybe some people would leave after Sugar Ray and so we made our way down to the front of the stage to scope out better seats. We had our eye on three chairs in the fifth row when suddenly I hear my name being called. Tina was like..."Hey, It's that security guard in front of the stage." Turns out he was a co-worker of mine from about fifteen years ago <we shared an office> After catching up with each other's lives I asked him if Tina, Bill and I could stand here at the barrier----front damn--row......"sure, no problem!" WOW! Some higher power was working for us that night!!

Goo's were awesome. The set list was the usual. Johnny looked natty in his white sleeveless T-shirt and green cargo Capri pants; Dave was making a whole new fashion statement with the huge splint on his leg. Mike is letting his hair grow and looked lovely in a silvery gray high fashion Liberace shirt. Robby looked cool...Robby could be naked and look cool.

I of course had signs. "STILL BETTER THAN PROZAC" was a hit. This show was different from my last two in that the WHOLE crowd was so into the Goos. When I turned around at one point to check out the crowd behind me, it took my breath away. Seeing a HUGE group standing, singing, dancing and partying was amazing. I guess the old days are really gone now.

During the encore I held up "Play Girl Right Next to Me, Dammit!!" But of course they didn't. Maybe someday!