Phoenix, AZ - American West Arena
April 7, 2003
From: Wants 2 Shake

Well. First of all, Kelly and I were excited to see Robby's Pez stuff set up on his amp when she was talking to Andy. We figured that meant he was doing better and would be playing! YAY!

I was soooo sad that we were so far back...I've never seen them that far away. But oh well. Anyway, they kicked it off with Dizzy, but it sounded strange at first. I almost didn't recognize it! The sound itself was NOT optimum, I can tell you that much. John seemed a bit preoccupied, can't explain it any better than that. He was putting on a good show, but he hardly talked to the crowd or anything, and that's sooo unlike him. Maybe he was unhappy with the sound? I dunno. He looked good though! The camoflauge pants - rolled up...what a cutie!

And there was Robby the work-horse, bouncing around like usual! I wouldn't have believed he'd missed a show two nights before from being so sick if I didn't know about it already. He looked great, too...loved the black shirt!

Mike was perfect, as always. Greg got to "solo out" a bit, and if anyone has read the Local H tour diary, that fact would make you grin for SURE. Jason was his typical silly self, and did a great sax solo. It almost sounded like they were gonna go into "1000 Words" during Broadway. Very strange. Kelly and I looked at each other all weird! They just did an odd little battle of the guitars interlude. Kinda cool, though.

I have to say this: IT WAS OVER TOO SOON! 45 minutes is NOT enough time for the Goos! But I was so happy Robby was there, thrilled that they did "All Eyes On Me" (my fave live song!) and just glad to be there at all. Any Goo show is a treat!

Can't wait for Vegas! Yaaahooooo!