From: Loren

July 16, 1999
Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavillion
Phoenix, AZ

Wow! I've read the other three reviews from the Phoenix show on July 16, 1999. I just wanted to put in my own!

I got to Desert Sky Pavillion at about 6:45 with my mom and my two friends Tamika and Lisa. First we went and bought T-shirts and necklaces then we went to our seats. We were in the very front row in seats 5, 6, 7, and 8. There were pretty close the the center. It was about 7:15 when we got to our seats.

Right at 7:30 Fastball came on stage.... to tell you the truth, my friends and I didn't even realize that it was Fastball until I REALLY looked at the drummer because he was the only one who hadn't changed his "look" since the last time I saw them on TV. They were pretty good and I only knew 2 or 3 of their songs. The guitarist was wearing really neat pants!!! I want a pair! They played until about 8:00.

At 8:30 Sugar Ray came on! They were just amazing! Mark is so great on stage! That was the second time seeing them for me, Tamika and my mom. Mark jumps around like a monkey unless he's playing the guitar and even then he can hardly stand still. Mark was wearing a pair of pants that looked like he had just bought them and hadn't washed them yet... they looked nice on him. I was so close to the stage that I could smell the alcohol on Mark's breath every time he came near us. The bassist had the most awsome bass guitar I've EVER SEEN!!! IT WAS SUPER NEAT!!!! During "RPM" while Mark sang the lyrics "you're beautiful" he stopped and pointed right at my mom! I was like "HEY! He's pointing at my mom!!!!!" She said she just stood there like "oh my god he's pointing at me!" They were really great but I was really looking forward to the Goo's. Sugar Ray left the stage at about 9:15.

The crew completely cleared the stage and put the drum set way in the back of the stage right in the middle. There was a michrophone for Nathan to the left of the drum set and keyboards to the right of it. At the very front of the stage, Robby's and John's mich.'s were set up.

At 9:45 all the lights went out and the crowd went crazy! The creepy music started playing and then John and Robby came out and started with Dizzy. They were SO cool! Tamika was a little mad about the fact that John was wearing that cowboy hat because she REALLY likes his hair. I thought his hat looked good. Oh well. ANYWAY! They continued playing their songs and they were really cool. At one point I kind of felt bad for Robby because whenever he was playing one of his songs John would come to the edge of the stage and all the girls would start screaming and John wouldn't leave. But during John's songs if he came to the edge of the stage and girls started screaming he backed off. John hardly interacted with the crowd except for one point when he said something to some half naked girls in the front row a few seats down from me. Robby on the other hand was all over the stage. I made eye contact with him several times. I love the way he gets the crowd going... he always makes funny faces behind John. I could hardly see Mike and Nathan because they were so far back. That was the third time Tamika and I had seen the Goo's and my mom's second time and it was DEFINITELY the BEST!!!

At one point... I don't remember what time, all the lights went off except for the spotlight on John. He then said something like, "I don't think I've ever played this song for people before" and he went into Acoustic #3 which is MY SONG! I love that song more than any of their others! I knew he was going to play Acoustic #3 right after he had made that statement and then I started crying. I still cry every time I hear that song... I think John was crying too after he completely messed up the last verse and people were laughing. I could tell he was NOT happy with himself for that but I didn't mind because I forgot the words too! Then they played Iris right after Acoustic #3 which is the other Goo song that makes me cry... They had to play those two songs right next to each other DIDN'T THEY?!?!?!

Then they left the stage and that really weird movie about Greed came on... I WAS SO CONFUSED AFTER THAT!!!!! Then there was a huge explosion and bright lights and confetti and music and WOW! They came out and finished the show and then left the stage at what I believe was 11:15 but I'm not sure! We left the seating area and hung around the booths for a few minutes and I bought a necklace for my 10 year old sister then my mom and I got into an ice fight. Then we left the pavillion and headed to the truck. As soon as we spotted the vehicle, Tamika and I raced to it... of course she beat me but afterwards I kicked her in the arse and she threw water at me and then I chased her around the parking lot for a second and we got in the truck and left.

My mom told me after we had dropped off my friend and came home that she is so glad to be the "cool mom"! We all loved the show and can't wait till the Goo's come back to Phoenix!!!