From: Ian

July 16, 1999
Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavillion
Phoenix, AZ

All I can really say is that the show kicked ass!!! It was also my first Goo concert as well and it was 100 times better than I expected... First, I met Amber and friends behind the screen by the tour buses at about 2:00... Briana was right though; it was very easy to just walk into the Pavilion... Before I found anyone, I too aimlessly wandered in there just looking around... None of the bands were doing any sound checks, though... Anyway, back to the fence behind the buses... We pretty much stayed there *ALL* afternoon waiting to meet whoever walked by... Sugar Ray's bus was the pink one closest to the fence... We met just about all of them at one point or another during the afternoon...

Then later, we met Matt Pinfield and they shot some video of us for MTv News 1515, airing on Monday at 11:00.... We got pictures/autographs from Matt; he's a really cool guy!!! Then we just hung around for the rest of the afternoon waiting to meet the guys... We saw their bus pull up and the MTv crew was doing an interview... We yelled for the guys, but all we got were smiles and waves... After many hours in the heat, we finally went in around 6:30...

My seats were dead center in front of the stage, about 8 rows back... Fastball and Sugar Ray were decent, but I wanted them to hurry up and get off the stage... It seemed to take forever for them to finish... Then, about 9:45 the Goos came jammin' out "Dizzy"... Johnny looked really cool, but I wanted to see him take off his hat, but he never did... They played for a long time (it seemed like about an hour and a half) and played a total of 22 songs... Here's the play list; I wrote it down...

	Long Way Down
	Lazy Eye
	Full Forever
	Eyes Wide Open
	Black Balloon
	Lucky Star
	A Million Miles Away
	January Friend
	Another Second Time Around
	Flat Top
	Acoustic #3
	Just The Way You Are
	Burnin' Up
	I Hate This Place
	Two Days In February
It was a great set, but I really wanted to hear "Stop The World". I was playing air guitar to like every song, and I was standing on my chair for like 30% of the show... My ears are seriously still ringing a day later... I came home today and had Hastings special order me a copy of "Hold Me Up" since there weren't any there... That video on Greed was definately wierd... Also, no one working at the Pavilion seemed to know about the canned food donation... They also didn't have any "Fight For Your Rights" CD's that were supposed to be there... Anyway, I can't wait for September when I might go see them in Houston...