From: Brianna

July 16, 1999
Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavillion
Phoenix, AZ

Well, I got to the pavilion at 2pm, and started looking for the people from various mailing lists that I was supposed to meet. The security guard wouldn't let us park where I was supposed to meet everyone, and he yelled at us to leave. My mom dropped us (I was with 4 friends) off. We looked around but didn't see anyone. I had my Guardian Angel Elmo Doll that I made, but I had forgotten my camera in the car. I saw the tops of several tour busses parked behind fence, but I couldn't see the rest because of a blue screen thing over the fence. My friends and I tried to get to where the busses were, hopping to meet the Goos, but to no avail. We had a lot of time to kill before the show and I wanted to get my doll to the dolls, so I decided to go inside the pavilion itself.

I was surprised how easy it was. There were guards everywhere, but I just tried to look like I belonged there. I walked to the stage and sat down. I thought that perhaps the Goos would be doing their sound check. Sugar Ray came on and did their soundcheck and joked around, but I guess the Goos had done theirs earlier so we missed it. My friends wanted to leave, but I knew that if we did then we'd miss something good. Sugar Ray's set was covered and we watched the tech crew for half an hour.

I decided to ask on of the techies to give the Goos the doll, since it was becoming apparent that I wouldn't be able to do it myself. I wrote a little note to go with it explaining that it was to keep them safe on this tour. The guy I gave it to laughed at it and called all the other tech guys over then pointed to me. They laughed too. They set it to the side and continued working. Then I saw a camera crew enter the pavilion. It was Matt Pinfield from MTV filming things for All Access week or something. All of the sudden the Goos were on stage!

John was wearing his cowboy hat too. I saw Mike holding my Elmo doll and talking to the tech guys. They pointed me out, and Mike waved and smiled. John was being interviewed so I didn't want to interrupt. My friends were pulling me up to the stage, and I was turning bright red trying to stay in my seat. I was worried we would be kicked out if we messed up the interview. I looked up and saw Robby laughing at me. The filming finished and the Goos started to leave the stage. My friends yelled out that I was the girl who gave them the Elmo, but John and Robby hadn't seen it yet. He asked "What?" and they repeated themselves as I turned redder. The tech guys held up the doll, and John went over and looked at it. He said, "Oh really, wow, thanks, thanks so much!" and smiled really big. Then some people rushed him off stage.

I had had my interaction with each of the guys and was shaking. I had really hoped to talk to them and get some pics and autographs, but it didn't happen. After that we were kicked out of the pavilion. We went to the mall and returned at 6pm when the pavilion opened. We walked around and Matt Pinfield was interviewing people. My friends and I were filmed, but I don't think we will be on. I'm the girl in the super man shirt though! We sat down, about five rows from the stage just right of the center (woo hoo!) and the show began.

Fast Ball was ok, but they had a ton of feedback, so it hurt my ears. Sugar Ray was really energetic, but their show seemed really fake. All their dialogue with the audience seemed really rehearsed. I still enjoyed it though.

After a very long time, the Goos came on! John and Robby did a galloping type thing onto the stage and started with Dizzy. John was wearing green cargo pants and a black tank top, as well as his cowboy hat, Mike was wearing a white t-shirt and shorts, and Robby was wearing black bell-bottom type things and a black button up shirt. John was having problems with his microphone, it was very quiet. He kept motioning for them to turn it up, but nothing happened. He seemed to get a little angry and was gritting his teeth and looking of to the side while singing. They got it fixed after about 5 minutes.

John played Acoustic #3 though! It was so beautiful. Just a spotlight on John's guitar and face. They also played A Million Miles Away, I don't know if they usually do that. I think Robby recognized me because we made eye contact a lot. John didn't talk to the audience very much, but he did say this, "That Mark McGrath, he's pretty hot. Even I want to fuck him." Everyone laughed. Before he played "Name" he said, "I got more shit for writing this song than Marilyn Manson did when he got tits. As soon as you stick your head up some one wants to shoot it off."

During one song, I don't remember which; Robby ran of stage and put a guitar pick in his mouth. He stood behind John, making funny faces, but John didn't notice. Robby spit the pick out at Mike, and it hit one of his drums. They played for I guess a little more than an hour then said goodnight to everyone. A giant screen was lowered and that video, "Greed in Action" was played. It was kind of strange. It had a lot of 50's commercial type things. It talked about how consumers were greedy. The video ended with a rocket going off, the stage lit up and it was filled with smoke. The first note of Just The Way You Are was perfectly in sync with the rocket's explosion, and confetti covered the audience.

They played for about 20 more minutes. I had moved up to barricade by then, right in between John and Robby. I was being crushed, but I didn't care because I was only about 4 feet away from the Goos. John looked at me, and I think he recognized me to because he sort of raised an eyebrow and smiled. They had another video of people talking on the phone while they played "Two Days in February." When the song ended, Robby threw his mike stand into the audience and it hit my friend in the head. John and Robby both threw their guitars through the screen and it stuck to a net behind it. Thank God because they would have hit Mike. They thanked everyone and left. I collected some confetti and then the security guards made us all leave.

It was my first Goo show and it was amazing. Even better, it is all going to be on MTV! The four people I went with are now asking me to help them find a copy of the "A Boy Named Goo!" I just wish they were coming near here again soon!

Set List:

>  Dizzy
>  Long Way Down
>  Lazy Eye
>  Slide
>  Full Forever
>  Eyes Wide Open
>  Black Balloon
>  Bulletproof
>  Naked
>  Lucky Star
>  A Million Miles Away
>  Name
>  January Friend
>  Broadway
>  Another Second Time Around
>  Flat Top
>  Acoustic #3
>  Iris
>  Just The Way You Are
>  Burnin' Up
>  I Hate This Place
>  Two Days In February