From: Laura

July 16, 1999
Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavillion
Phoenix, AZ

My friend Monica and I got there at 2 and meet Amber (from the list) and some of her friends. Later Ian came by. anyways, we waited for awhile and shortly after 4 the Goo's showed up. I knew to look for the Elmo in the window! We did lots of screaming but only got waves and smiles. Also, Amber got 2 of the guys from Sugar Ray's autographs because they were walking alongside the buses and she threw over a pen and a notebook. Unfortunately, we couldn't get backstage but we had a good view from along the sidewalk. Also, while waiting Matt Pinfield and some MTV people saw us and decided to feature us on MTV! Is that like sweet or what? I'll be taping! Amber did all the talking though but I was right behind Matt (wearing glasses and showing my Goo pic!) It's on this Monday. I don't think it's News 1515 though because I was looking through the TV guide and it only said News at 7. No other news shows on that night .

Anyways, we left to go get some drinks and some food to donate. . The people at Desert Sky really had no clue about the food drive and looked at ian really strangely.

We went in around 7 and I tried to sneak my camera and Ian's in. A friend of mine had made a secret compartment. It didn't work though. I tried to play it cool but no good. At least the security guy wasn't a jerk about it. I think it didn't work because it wasn't meant to hold 2 cameras. Oh well.

As I went in, I, of course made my way to the merchandise. It was all the same stuff from their DUTG tour. Not like I went to that one but from what i heard. It was the same stickers, necklace (which I really wanted! And love!), shirts. They had some new ones in black that listed all the groups performing though. And some with Frogpond's name on them. And they didn't have any of the Fight the violence CD's. The guy said they didn't get them in time.

Anyways, I was eager. I had gotten smack in the center about 15 or so rows back. We were about 5 rows behind Ian. Fastball was better than I expected. I'll probably buy their CD. Most of the audience though didn't care about them which I felt bad for them about. They performed for 45 minutes and Sugar Ray came on. It was pretty obvious who the crowd was there for. They got numerous applause. Last time they were here they sold out. I didn't care for them because they were louder than I thought they were. I only knew their stuff from radio.

Ok, finally, on to the Good stuff!!! After what seemed like forever, the guys came breaking out with Dizzy. From that moment on, they never seemed to rest! They went straight into one song after another. Johnny was constantly changing guitars. He wore his cowboy hat, black tank and those khaki-colored pants with the white label on the back. I was really disappointed he didn't take his hat off. I really wanted to see his face since I was so close. When they arrived earlier in the day, he had it on as well but also some cut-offs.

Anyways, something was up with the mikes the first part. I had a really hard time understanding lyrics and Robby was really hard to make out. Robby, though, really impressed me. That guy was such a live-wire! They really looked like they were enjoying themselves and not the least bit tired. Also, when we first saw them get off the bus, I couldn't believe how red Robby's hair was.

Johnny talked a little but not much. He didn't tell his Name story but he said that line about coming up and someone trying to shoot your head off. he did say something like "this song gave me the most crap out of any of the songs I've written. Everyone keeps asking me now how has the success affected you, how has it affected you? All I know is that all my nieces and nephews now ask me if I know the Backstreet Boys. That's when I give them a dollar and say f**k off. " (and speaking of which, Sugar Ray broke into a remake of the BSB's "quit playing games.") He also said "How about that Sugar Ray? That lead singer is pretty hot, huh? I want to f**k him too. No, no, I'm just kidding about that.!" Robby also asked how everyone's summer was going along.

I think of my favorite parts was when Johnny sang "Acoustic #3." He said he had never sang it live before. It was so pretty and it went straight into "Iris" with it.

That film, "Greed in Action" was kind of lame. I'm not sure why it was there. It didn't fit into anything and it didn't feature anything with the guys in it. They also brought the screen down for "2 Days in February" and showed a lady talking on the phone. Gotta love when they threw their guitars into it at the end! Around the second verse, something happened to Johnny's mike. Don't know if he kicked it or what, but Robby pointed it out after about 10 seconds and Johnny went over to Robby's mike. It was fixed by the time he came back to his normal mike. They also said they'd be going to a local bar, the Mason jar, after their set, which is in Tempe. I don't' know even know how to get over to that bar so we didn't go.

Overall, I was very, very impressed with them. I had never seen them live before and they were even better than I expected! I definitely will go see them again! I hope I can meet them next time! I stood the whole show, even though my legs were sore from standing around before the show for 5 hours! I came home sunburnt and tired but it was well-worth it!!!!

here's the set list:

Long Way Down
Lazy Eye
Full Forever
Eyes Wide Open
Black Balloon
Bullet Proof
Lucky Star
A million Miles Away
January friend
Another Second Time around
Flat Top
Acoustic #3
Film:  Greed in Action
Just the Way you Are
Burnin' Up
Hate This Place
2 Days in February