Philadelphia, PA - Veteran's Stadium
July 26, 2003
From: Kristin

we were gonna spend the say at south street b/c it's close to the venue and there are 11:30 we(awakenow and i) picked up Trac at the train station....we walked south street alittle when we got a call from Dances w/Goo and GITG....they were getting lost in philadelphia...and b/c we live in philadelphia...we of course didn't know how to get them to us....we are the worst w/directions...but then JAy (who might i add did not go to the concert...just lumch) got them to us...about half hour to and hour had been so long since me or lauren had been on south street...that we had forgotten how far PAt's and Geno's steaks were...try about 15 we had to return to south street to get to the 2 connecticutians...but don't worry lauren bought stuff on the street on our way back....dying of thirst and leg and knee and feet pain and blistering sun all over the place....we finally made it to them...and we found a cute little pizza/steak shop to cool off and eat and exchange pictures and stories to occupy was all worth it! around 4- 4:30 we got at the venue w/all the BJ fans bbqin' and getting drunk....while they are all doing that we are taping laurens heavy ass camera to my one leg..while we taped my disposable to the other (we wearnt' sure if could bring in the cameras)....and we walked kinda checked by the security and moved in....Lauren and Tracee were buying goo suplies....and then we went to go find all of our seats and figure out ways to get me and Lauren in a better area...b/c...well...our seats were bad....we were just standing in this open area behind a section talking and trying to figure it out when suddenly Ashley (robbygoopunkl) and her Ma, Carol, walked up behind us....we were disgussing w/them the seat situation..then i asked ashley (b/c she'll do pretty much anything!) to ask the security man if we are aloud to have camreas...b/c my legs were sweating...and he said "you can have pretty much whatever you want"...and my pant legs went up and the security guys started to laugh really was enteretaingnin for all to watch....couple minutes later...i got a slap on the side of my arm...and it was the YEAH girls! happy to see us and we were so happy to see them...they got their hair cut and are cuter then ever! ya girls..wish we coulda talked more....then event security told us to find our way to our seats when lauren saw Ragdoll and Jackie (on ragdolls world)...and they had some open seats and we just planted ourselves right there... 6:15 and the goos hit the stage...and we werew about 35-30 rows back!....we could still see go though and me and lauren werew rocking out w/pat and jackie!...pat had her binoculars and was very nice to share them w/us...lots of people in the front area of the floor stood and also some in our back sections....during robby's songs of course he didn't get as much love as johnny did...and practically everyone in our section (cept for us!) sat down ...but we think robby saw us maniacs (me and lauren..pat and jackie were calmer then us) jumping around back there!...and the hits and songs kept coming and going when during broadway ashley's mom comes back and hands me a ticket and tells lauren that she'll be back for her!....and we made it down to like 10 or so row...very very close it was...looked more like 6th...on johnny's side though....ashley had made herself up to the front and the yeah girls wrew about 4-5 rows in front of us danicng and jamming w/their water bottles in the air....then laurn came right at sympathy and it just felt so much better to be up where they was aweseome...right before iris...there was a man holding up a sign and johnny said that he wanted to rewad it cause it seemed it is "Since my wife cant have you rhymes.....can she have you pick"..and he threw him a pick....and then the man turns around and it said "Since my wife cant have your D*ck...can she atleast have your pick"...very So for the whole 2 1/2 songs we were down in front for we werew trying to get gregs' attention for me....and finally once he switched from mandalin to electric guitar during iris he finally looked over saw me doing the probab;y weird things i was doing to get his attenion smiled at me and looked at his guitar all shy like...i was in heaven! before you knew was complely over.......but we saw miyoko and got to say hi to her! was cool and then me and lauren just left...i was so tired...from yesterday and everything...but before we left we found my friends oplder sister who is a huge bon jovie fan to give her my seats...she was up in section 220..and we were on the flo'...she was grateful..and her husband was excted too...anyon who listens to 93.3 MMR (in philly) ...her husband is Vinnie the Crumb on the morning show called the Philly guys....just a little tidbit...she was so happy that she said the next time i'm at work she'll give me my tickets back and her bon jovi back stage passes...she was so happy.... they locked up the exit ...go figure and we had a hard time figuing out how to get outta the VET!! then we asked security and we had to drive by werew driving along and i whisper to lauren...omg...look look look...theres robby...might i add the windows were closed so there was no need for whisper...i grabbed my camera from the floor and gavce it to her...she took a a big man walked right in front of huim ..and i said..well lets scream when we said bye and robby and miyoko and wild bill look up at us..LAURNE SPEEDS UP!!!...and i heard a raspy bye...hoping it was robby!...i was yelling at her...and she was like wanna go werew driving away...but..y''s all good..i gotta good glimpse in the heat of it's 12 am..and i'm beat...also terribkly sunburned....very bad...the goos rock!!!