Philadelphia, PA - Veteran's Stadium
July 26, 2003
From: Donna

At the show, we did the Curly Shuffle from where our seats were 'supposed' to be (that outdoor arena stage was WAY too wide!), toward the front, between the middle & side section...gotta show our support for the Goo's, ya know! So once we improved our view, we rocked out to a great GGD set! John sounded great, and every song was like music to my ears...cuz THAT's WHAT IT IS!! Eventually, security decided to check folks' tickets, and Robby looked over smiling, 'cause we knew we were gonna get the boot! But we were able to stay up there for most of the set anyway, so it was cool. We 'sachayed' over to some empty seats along the front row, and kinda stayed there...can't get rid of us totally, either! The crowd was more Goo-supportive than the one we experienced up at Foxboro, so it made this show way better, besides being able to sneak up closer...that's always a plus! (Like the Tour Diary says, we GGD fans "came in droves"...yeah, we "drove" here, then we "drove" there! ) After the show, we had the pleasure of spending a few moments with Miyoko again. She is the cutest, nicest young lady! She even asked if she could take a picture of us! How sweet is THAT? We saw the Goo's hop into a van that scooted them out of the venue. We walked around a bit. Couldn't leave the arena ("no re-entry"), but on our walk we found an open-air ramp where we could see of a bunch of busses, so we just hovered there chatting a while. Then we see golf carts...'there goes Jason!...there's Greg!...Hey, isn't that Mike?...whoa, look at that guy, he kinda looks like Robby!" Yeah, it IS Robby! So from this BIG distance across the street from where we were inside the venue, we could see Robby by the busses. There were 5 of us standing there, and we went...1-2-3-HEY, ROBBY!!! What do we see next but Robby waving at us with his whole know a BIG wave! So the bunch of us start jumping up & down waving like crazed Goonatics! Funny thing was, this happened about 3 times, once with Miyoko doing the big wave , and twice with Robby jumping & waving . I LOVE these people, I tell ya!! They make every little thing so memorable for us. Thank you! We had a wonderful time!