From: Laurie

November 6, 1998
The Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA

I just had the most amazing night. I saw the GGD in Phillie a few hours ago, and I can honestly say that this was the best night of my life. I"ve seen them twice before, and with each time, I'm even more blown away.

I waited outside in 40 degree weather from 4 until 7:45. Atheneum was pretty good. Their songs do sound alike, but overall, I thought they rocked. They're young; with time, they'll get better. I liked their energy. They got really into the music.

Well, a bit after 10, the Goo Goo Dolls came on. (I was literally a few feet away from the stage. It was general admission, and I was in the second row- if you want to call them rows).

They get funnier and more audience-involved every time I see them. A bra was tossed onstage. John hung it on his microphone. Some chick tossed a crown to John; he wore it during a couple of songs. They looked fabulous. Robby was wearing pinstripe pants and a shimmery green shirt. John had on black jeans and a black shirt. Mike was wearing khaki shorts and, I believe, a white shirt. I don't remember what Dave had on except for his almost-trademark hat. Nathan had on greenish leather pants.

Well, I was close enough to make out details on their tattoos. Anyway, John messed up the words to a couple of the songs. During "Black Balloon," he fumbled and stopped mid-song and said "Oh Fuck." He was laughing, though.

One thing that annoyed the hell out of me was the audience. Like usual, when you only know five songs by the GGD, you spend the rest of the concert looking dumbfounded and appreciative. Another thing that pissed me off was that at least 6 or 7 people got kicked out for body-surfing. I'm glad their sorry little asses got thrown out, but the whole body surfing thing has got to go. It's really hard for people who are trying to enjoy the show to do just that when you have body parts coming at you. My friend got kicked in the head. Well, after the concert, my friend and I just sort of waited around in the venue. But they were basically kicking people out. So we waited outside. We waited by the buses. (Oh. I forgot to mention that the members of Atheneum were in the lobby talking to fans after the GGD performed).

Well, as we were waiting, Robby came out of the bus. I got my picture taken with him and I showed him my tattoo(it says Goo Goo Dolls, mixed in with barbed wire), and he started showing me his tattoos. I was not aware of the one on the back of his neck. It was some circular thing, if I remember correctly. He showed me the one on his right wrist. He seemed impressed that I knew he got that done in Australia.

I think the Fanatic chick was at this show as well. But I'm not for sure.

I got a drumstick from Mike. And pictures with him as well. He is very handsome. Many people are not aware of that.

John came out. He was carrying a beer in his hand. He seemed drunk. I remember some chick kissing him(and I mean Kissing him). She was just a fan. He pulled away after a second or two. But he was real cool with letting people kiss his cheek, etc. Well, he did the autograph/picture thing. I did not get my picture with him, but my friend did. (I'll be seeing them a week from now. I plan on leaving that show with some good shots of John and Nathan). I'll let you guys know how the pictures turn out.

All in all, yeah, I would say that was easily the best night of my life.....But we still have next week!