From: Roxanne

November 6, 1998
The Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA

Pictures at bottom...

It all started on my way home from school the day of the concert, 11/6/98, I heard the DJ on MAX 95.7 say "if youre coming to see Goo Goo Dolls tonite come and show MAX your MAX and you could win backstage passes." So of course I got all excited since I'm like totally "GOOed" and all I rushed homw got a shower and got dressed and grabbed a Sharpie and got to work. I wrote MAX across my stomach then thought hey why not go all the way so I wrote Goo Goo Dolls and I love Johnny too.

Ok so I get to the Electric Factory where the concert is and walk up to the radio station stand and show them my MAX as well as my finger nails which read; Mike, Robby, G.G.D., Johnny and I love Goo. They said cool come back at 8:30 so I went and joined the rest of the crowd watching cartoons in the forum. At 8:30 I walked back to the stand and saw 3 chicks and got all mad thinking now I wasn't gonna go meet Goo till the promos director turned and said "ok you 5 follow me were gone back (the 5 would be those 3 plus my bf and i). I went into a crazy panic, I couldnt believe it, the whole way through security I was jumping up and down and rambling all kinds of crazy stuff like a nutcase. So now were backstage waiting for Goo to come into the room for what seemed like forever when someone runs into the room screaming and throws something on the table in front of me.

It was Robby! So I turned looking for Johnny, of course and he is standing right behind me. The guys preceed to the front of the room and we all had the chance to go meet them. I met Robby first and before he could finish saying "Hi I'm Robby" I cut him off to say "Oh my god it's Robby, hey look I have your name on my nails" he gave me a hug and was like wow you got my nail on you. Then Mike starts to say "Hi I'm Mike" and I'm like "I know you're so awesome" and then he gave me a hug and I was already to go talk to Johnny when he turned around and started to walk away but then he turned back around said "Gotcha, you thought I was leaving didn't ya" and I didnt laugh I thought he was seriously gonna leave. We started talking and I showed him my stomach and he liked my belly ring. Then he gave me a hug and a kiss and we took some pics for the radio station and a guy I think was the Goo photographerand then I was escorted back to the forum where Anthenium was wrapping up.

Since the show was a stand up deal I ahd to push up to the front, I reached the second row right in front of where I knew Johnny would be. On stage Johnny wore black jeand and a black shirt and at one point a bra and tiara. Robby wore those pinstripe pants with that teal shirt that I love. I couldnt really tell what Mike was wearing and don't remember what Nathan and the piano guy wore.

The show totally rocked, they opened with Dizzy(my favorite) then wnet into Long Way Down, Lazy Eye, Slide, Black Balloon, Bullet Proof, Naked, Name, January Friend, Fallin' Down, Full Forever, Broadway, Another Second Time Around, Flat Top, Iris, There You Are, Burnin' Up, Hate This Place and then ended with Two Days In February. They did all my faves, except Acoustic#3 but oh well you cant always get what you want.

They, mostly Johnny, told all the usual stories and did this whole thing with 1 of those bug balloons about fake breasts and then told us about a fight they saw while shopping in Philly that afternoon. Johnny called Philadelphians a bunch of though S.O.B's which made the crowd go nuts. Well anyway the show totally kicked ass, it was the best show i ever saw. i didnt remember how much energy goo had onstage. I cant wait till they come back to Philly because I will definetly be there. Hey maybe I'll get to go backstage again.

Roxanne's Pictures from the Show!

Her lucky belly




John drinkin'