From: Brad

November 6, 1998
The Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA

The Goo Goo Dolls put on one of the best shows I have ever seen. The music rocked, Johnny told some great and funny stories, and it was incredible. Athenaeum opened up and were very good as well.

Here was the set:

Long Way Down
Lazy Eye
Black Balloon
Bullet Proof
January Friend
Fallin' Down
Full Forever
Flat Top
There You Are
Burnin Up
Hate This Place
Two Days In February
At one point during the show, a fairly big balloon landed on stage. Johnny grabbed it and kept rubbing it making a cool sound. He said how much he loved that sound and it reminded him of women who get breast implants. He said how the women are always like, "Don't they look so real?" Johnny proceeded to run the balloon more making the squeaky sound saying "yeah they seem so real"!!!

Every song sounded incredible live. There was not one bad song played. Johnny thanked the crowd for knowing the older songs. During "Name", he did his usual story about how he got a letter calling him a faggot and he sold out. His response was "when you swim in a pool, you are bound to splash a few people". Robbie was jumping around all over the stage - really getting into the music.

When Johnny introduced the band, the keyboardist starting playing Styx...He started to sing, "I'm sailing away,...." Robbie smacked him in the head and he fell down to the ground.

Overall, they really played to the crowd. Music rocked. WOW.

They need to come back to Philly soon, or I need to take a road trip! They put on quite a show.