From MandyÖ

August 25th

E Center

Philadelphia, PA


I went to the concert on August 25 at the E-center in Philly and it was the coolest thing ever. Fast Ball and Sugar Ray was there too but they were nothing compared to what I came to see of course-the GOO GOO DOLLS. I went with my friend Heather and we sat in row R-I wished we had orchestra seats but thatís the best we got, and just seeing and hearing Johnny was the best thrill ever. We sat next to these dorky girls on our right who kept trying to flirt with the guys who sat to the left of us but the guys didnít want any part of them hehe!

Ok enough of that back to Johnny. Well when it was announced that the Goo Goo Dolls were coming out next, I jumped up and started cheering-of course and almost started to tear but I stayed together. When Johnny, Robby, and Mike came out I was so in AWW they didnít even have to say anything they could have just stood there and I still would have been amazed. Then they began singing-WOW they sang Dizzy first which was soo awesome Johnny looked HOT as he always does and sang great. Johnny even worked in some humor when he stopped "Iris" right near the end and told a joke to "ease the tension" as he put it. It went something like this- "I was with my girlfriend and we were making out and then she says make love to me like Ricky Martin, so I so ok whereís your brother?" Everyone went nuts-including me it was hilarious. Then he finished "Iris".

Then later some girls in the audience were able to get a hot pink boa up on stage- Johnny put it on and then Robby belts out "Johnny your beautiful" in his scratchy voice. Everyone got kick out of that too. Then he shortly left the stage and came back with a towel around his head- I guess being so damn sexy makes u sweat. Then near the end of the concert a screen came down that showed pictured of stuff while Johnny sang a new song that wasnít released yet on any cd then after he threw his guitar and broke the screen. It was soo cool. So overall I think the concert was STELLAR even though I did spend all my money on t-shirts and stickers (it was worth it.

When everything was over, me and my friend heather saw the tour buses leaving. Sugar Ray signed my friend's poster, and we saw the Goo Goo Dolls get on their tour bus and when they drove towards us to get on the street Johnny opened the door and waved at us-that was by far the best part.

Even though I didnít really meet them it was still an awesome concert and I urge anyone to see how great they are and to buy their cds- everyone of their cds there all awesome. I cant wait to see them in concert again-hopefully they will come to Pa again soon